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Lgbt Marriage In The Us Essay

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LGBT marriage, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender marriage is a very high profile issue at the moment. Many people have very deep-rooted opinions on gay marriage. Gay marriage is at the very forefront of American and international politics. Many countries around the world have either completely or regionally legalized gay marriage. Others, such as Russia have completely banned gay marriage from their countries. Despite conflicting opinions, I think we can all agree that gay marriage is a pressing issue that needs to be dealt with in a timely manner.
Gay marriage has been an issue for as long as I can remember, but it first came into the national spotlight in Hawaii in 1993, where a court case ruled that banning same-sex marriage would be unconstitutional. Over the past 21 years, 16 countries, including Canada, France, and Britain, and 17 U.S. states, including California New York, and Washington, D.C., have passed and/or enacted laws allowing same-sex marriage. Others have allowed civil unions and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples. 33 states, including Tennessee and until recently, Kentucky, have bans on same-sex marriage.
Public opinion on same-sex marriage has been on the more positive side. A study done by Andrew Flores and Scott Barclay of UCLA shows that 12 states and the District of Columbia have a majority of citizens in favor of LGBT marriage. All states are gaining popular support for LGBT marriage.
Although many citizens are against homosexuality, there are many famous members of the LGBT community that we have come to know and love. Some of these members include Freddie Mercury of Queen, Ellen DeGeneres of the Ellen show, Lady Gaga, and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. A few older members include Hadrian, a Roman emperor, and Edward II, a former king of England.
There are quite a few pros to gay marriage. If gay couples were to be married, they would get many legal benefits that heterosexual couples currently enjoy, such as joint ownership and medical decision making capacity. They would also get the same tax benefits as married couples, which would definitely be good for them. Many other benefits come along with gay marriage that same-sex couples could utilize as well as heterosexual couples.
Same-sex marriage will effectively lower rates for HIV and suicide and overall reduce rates of homosexual high-risk life styles, according to a study by the CDC. Being in a committed relationship or married has been shown to reduce risky behavior that can lead to the contraction of HIV.
Another pro of gay marriage is increased adoption rates. Many gay couples would want children when they’re married, and since they can’t procreate, they could resort to adoption or a surrogate mother. Most people would choose adoption, resulting in an increase in adoption rates. This would benefit homosexual couples, the adopted children, and our country.

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