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The LGBT community uses pornography for their erotic needs just like the heterosexual community. Similarly, they are present in pornography just as straight people are present. The lines between heterosexual and LGBT are blurred by the industry though, as Martin Amis from The Guardian writes about what porn-star Chloe tells him her prices are, “girl-girl: $700, plus $100 for an anal toy. Boy-girl: $900. Anal: $1,100. Solo [a rarity]: $500. [Double Penetration]: $1,500” (Chloe quoted in Amis). If a performer can get paid for all kinds of sexual acts, why would they limit themselves to just one? Therefore, people, no matter their identifying sexuality, can be in any kind of pornography. Interestingly enough however, homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual pornography are used as mediums of varying degrees of acceptance and expression for the LGBT community. Having pornography specifically geared towards their identities helps normalize their way of life. All kinds of sexuality need their own space in pornography because when they are present in heterosexual space, they are devalued and stereotyped.
Transsexuals have an odd place in the pornographic world due to their blatant inattention to patriarchy. To quote Laura Kipnis (1993), “it doesn't follow any of the standard presumptions of how porn works and at whose expense” (p. 125). She did a study on transsexual pornography in magazines, but she had to carry them illegally across Illinois state borders to do her research. She said:
You can sell magazines showing naked men, naked women, and any combination of them doing very acrobatic, unexpected, or violent things to each other, but if one of the men is wearing a garter belt you would be subject to arrest and prosecution in the state of Illinois. . . I had to cross the border into Wisconsin to purchase [transvestite] magazines and did, in fact, transport them across state lines to Illinois. I probably committed a crime in order to write this article. (Kipnis (1993) p. 124)
Adding to the odd notion of criminalizing one form of erotic material, transsexual pornography isn't very traditionally pornographic. Men in women's clothing, posing in front of beds or windows, occasionally showing their genitals but more often not: that's all that these show. Yet transsexual pornography is outlawed in places; why is it illegal to show a man fully clothed in traditionally women's clothing but fine to display rape, incest, and pain? To help answer that, Kipnis (1993) discussed Robert Stoller's theory about the origins and continuation of transsexuality. He argues that women are essential to it's livelihood, and that without them men would not be successful transvestites. As Kipnis (1993) says:
According to Stoller, who has written extensively about transvestites and transsexuals, 'the women of transvestites . . . all share the attribute of taking a conscious and intense pleasure in seeing males dressed as females. All have in common a...

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