Lgbt Themes In Video Game Society

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Even though the LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transsexual) community is making progress, there are still people who do not support them which impacts various industries like the videogame industry. LGBT theme and characters are a very sensitive subject when it comes to videogames. Lucien Soulban, Ubisoft’s lead writer, explained that fears of damaging sales would be the main blockade in securing support for an LGBT protagonist (IGN, Luke K). It would be a refreshing change to see a minority protagonist in video games versus the stereotypical white, male protagonist, not only would this be refreshing but it would appeal to different parts of the player demographic. In order for the Western world to better accept LGBT protagonists, videogame publishers need to take a risk in having an LGBT protagonist if any progress in representing and aiding this minority in their fight for acceptance.
Video games shied away from LGBT characters until Infocom’s 1986 Moonmist, which is a mystery detective game for multiple systems such as Atari ST and PC (Commodore 64). One suspect in the game, Vivien Pentreath, was jealous of your female friend’s fiancé because he married her girlfriend. Although it wasn’t openly stated that they were a lesbian couple, there was a connotation that they were girlfriends at one point (Metroweekly). Infocom took the first step helping make LGBT characters more accepted by exposing and representing them to this part of media. Unlike Infocom’s Moonmist, Nintendo shied away from any form of topic that could put them into negative light. Nintendo censored and removed any sexualities within their games. Even with all the censorship, Nintendo’s Birdo is a target in the community due to her transsexual status. Her status in gender has been changed and hidden in order to remain in the gaming community. It is confirmed that in the manual for Super Mario Bros 2, Birdo was a male who wished he was female, however, the Western distributors didn’t like this, thus removing any reference to Birdo being a transgender for any Western release game ( However, in Japanese manual, Birdo was referred to as a transgendered female. In an exclusive Japanese only game “Captain Rainbow”, Birdo is a transgendered woman who gets imprisoned over bathroom gender politics ( In the eastern world, videogame companies don’t abstain from LGBT topics for they are more accepting of it, especially due to their history in which “homosexuality is not taboo” but tolerated ( Japan’s attitude towards the LGBT population is more tolerant thus giving the videogame companies more freedom to put LGBT content and characters in their game which helps promote exposure and acceptance to the Japanese LGBT community.. If America is to improve on its LGBT stance, video game companies need to help change its audiences view on the LGBT community by promoting LGBT protagonists, just as how Japan does.
Foreign eastern games can’t help aid any local...

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