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LGBT AdoptionThis theme wasn't a subject that fell into my lap. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) community has been something that I have been interested in for a long time. In an ever changing world, civilization refuses to accept these changes or even acknowledge changes that were already there. The LGBT community seems to be one of those changes that, even though they have been there since the beginning, most of society considers to not be 'normal'. Founded on equality, the United States, seems to still be conservative on this subject. I found that, it was a bit unfair to not accept the LGBT community as equal, since their sexual preferences are not a trait they can decide. With this subjective thought in mind, I decided to research a bit further into this subject in a more objective manner.A year ago, I was assigned a project on rights, and I decided to embark on a project based on LGBT rights. With this I learned a lot more about the rights LGBT people were deprived from, and fond that this was a very wide subject to embark. I decided I would talk a little about same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption. I looked for the pros and cons of both of them, but essentially found that a lot of the cons were based on subjective opinions. The question that kept going through my head was, if heterosexual couples were allowed to marry, why couldn't homosexual couples do the same? The answer was always religious or subjective. This time I decided to find more about same sex adoption.I began looking for the states in the United States that did not allow same sex adoption. Looking for the reasons why, I found that most of those states had strong Catholic and Christian backgrounds. For example, in Florida the ban was passed in 1977, greatly motivated by Anita Bryant's Save Our Children, anti-gay campaign. I continued my enquiry by searching the Vatican's stand on same sex adoption and what it effect it had in the states that didn't allow it. I noticed that some of the states had changed their stands on the matter, now allowing same sex adoption. I searched for the reasons why these states made these decision and found that it was largely influenced by court cases that reached supreme courts in those states. The court cases were same sex couples fighting to become more than foster parents. With this, I learned that the decisions made in court were affected by the states stance in LGBT marriage. Most of the cases, pushed the state to reconsider their reasons for banning LGBT adoption as they found that the children were not affected by the couple's sexual orientation. This reminded me of one of the major reasons, other than religion, same sex adoption was not only bound but frowned upon, the psychological health of the children. I found a lot of studies specifically directed to children that were raised by same sex couples. The results I found were positive and pointed that allowing LGBT adoption would not affect the children negatively....

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