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People have been discriminated for a lot of things in America sadly to say that a lot of people have done it in public and nothing has really been done about it.it seems to be the norm here. We have a habit of our expressing our feeling and our concerns whether they are important or not. The sharing of our opinions can be hard and offensive to other people especially when we start talking about the L.G.T.B community. The conversation about one’s sexuality becomes very uncomfortable, the conversation can go left when starting to talk about same sex relations. When talking about this topic I have heard some response that have made me cringe. They most times respond with some pseudo spiritual or intellectual response that sounds so degrading. This this Life Arts Project will explore some of the things that L.G.T.B youth experience in Education, Law and Work place.
The exclusion and discrimination acts  have major impacts on the lives of lesbian, gay and transgender persons. This has resulted in the following a high rate of students dropping out of school earlier,leaving home and family. These person are unable to find regular jobs thus having less options than other heterosexuals. Being ignored in the community and isolated, unable to access various services and unaware of what they are entitled to. Mobility in the job field is limited forcing them move to other areas, (such as the city and urban areas).
I work in the Department of Education. While working in this field I notice that a lot of the students are dealing with problems that we didn’t necessary have to face. That problem is students dealing with their sexuality. Are you aware of the shifts in sexual discrimination occurring in K-12 school systems? Each day students are facing discrimination due to their sexual orientation. I want discuss the issues students are facing today, how you can be aware of any discriminations, and what we can do to decrease LGBT discrimination in their school systems.
Sexual orientation is a major issue in today’s schools and in society as a whole. Sexual orientation refers to the gender to which a person is romantically and sexually attracted. Most people are heterosexual (attracted to the opposite sex), but many are homosexual (attracted to the same sex) or bisexual (attracted to both sexes). Transgender individuals have a physically observable gender that differs from their gender identity; an individual who is physically a male may identify as female, and an individual who is physically a female may identify as a male.
“Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students often face discrimination that begins in elementary school. More than 57% of these students report harassment, and more than 20% say they have been physically attacked as a direct reaction to their gender orientation or sexual preference. This has led to a more dangerous, less tolerant school campus setting for all students regardless of sexual orientation. LGBT discrimination isn’t just...

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