Li Fi Sample Business Proposal Business Studies Assignment

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1. Introduction

Li-Fi is a new and exciting concept, striving towards functionality and better service by providing wireless connectivity by combining three home essentials: Wi-Fi router, lighting and security. Li-Fi can be bought online in the form of a convenient light bulb. Not only does the bulb provide lighting, but includes a security sensor reaching a vast 360? - for effective and lasting security in your home.

Li-Fi operates within the electrical and technological industries.

Undoubtedly Li-Fi will reduce costs of home owners by combining three home essentials. Our target market will have the convenience of buying one product, but receiving the benefit of a three-in-one system. In this technological day and age, wireless connectivity at home is in high demand seen in light of home businesses growing rapidly, communication apps in need of data to function as well as the shift from TV to watching entertainment online. The security that Li-Fi provides is undeniably necessary given the criminality factor in South Africa (and worldwide).

Our short term goals are to provide a secure, sustainable product which can be easily accessible online. In the short term, Li-Fi strives to be spread nationally and become a well-known utility. In the medium term we envisage Li-Fi being sold in-store once the name has been established as a necessity. In the long term we aim to reach the global markets with our product by providing this absolute essential on an international scale.

2. Comprehensive description

The birth of a partnership
Li-Fi is a Partnership between business genies: Mr Escian Rossouw and Mr Hugo Fourie. The partners have chosen the specific business structure because of its convenience and lack of strict formalities: an adage to the Li-Fi product which cannot be constrained by any rules: the opportunities are endless.

Description of product/service
Li-Fi light bulbs are a convenient three-in-one apparatus including the combination of home essentials to eventually save our clients? costs and time by ordering our product online instead of venturing off to different stores looking for different items. The items we have already conveniently packaged into one! Li-Fi light bulbs are made using the form of the well-known light bulb. Modern technology enables us to build the router into the fixing of the bulb, conveniently placed and focussed on optimum production of lighting. Lastly, the bulb contains a camera with a 360? view of the room providing excellent technology securing safety in every home. The camera can be linked with an PC or Android, providing 24 hour access into your home.

Business sector
Li-Fi operates within the tertiary business sector: aiming to provide excellent connectivity, security and lighting solutions to customers.

Location of business
Li-Fi?s head offices will be stationed in Roodepoort, The Empire State Building, Floor 3, Office 45. The reasons being that both partners live...

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