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Lithium-ion batteries have moved into the spotlight as the power source for electric cars, and are being designed into new outer space technologies. Other areas the lithium ion battery is being used in include aviation, navigation, and communications. They appeal to users with their high energy density, high output voltage, low self-discharge rate, long lifetime, high reliability and safety. There is currently no competition of style of battery to Li-ion batteries, only corporations producing the battery, which is still forcing them to continue improving their capacity and discharge rate.
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There is a high demand for bigger capacity, safer, cheaper, and lighter batteries. There are many factors that contribute to the degradation of the charge capacity. Temperature is a major factor in the battery life and maximum battery charge. It has a large affect on MTTF as well. If a Li-ion battery runs at 60 degrees C after three months only 60% of the capacity will be charged at a 100% charge. This is a problem for Li-ion batteries being used in electric vehicles and in hybrids that have combustion engines running in sync with the batteries. Small handheld electronics are also affected as well and the battery life runs out more and more quickly with usage and recharging.
A possible solution to the ware and tare making lithium ion batteries lose so much power is a new type of maintainable battery which has a seal over the negative terminal of the battery. This seal can be opened in order to repair the interior of the battery cell. The electrolytes degrade producing useless material. Testing the inside of the battery casing when performing maintenance would help to prevent possible leaks and also detect the ware down that the metal chips cause when moving through the electrolytes this will help prevent catastrophic failure and help...

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