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As people try to begin to understand liberal arts from a Christian point of view, there have been many writers that have written on this topic and have many different opinions about it. Three of the most famous writers are Holmes, De Gaetano, and Cross. A Christian liberal arts education makes us better leaders, people, and followers of Christ because it helps us know right from wrong. A liberal arts education teaches us to distinctly know the difference between right and wrong, and the path that God has chosen for us to follow. This type of education also gives students the freedom to become everything God has granted us with the ability to become.
Arthur F. Holmes states his viewpoint from a Christian standpoint on liberal arts in his essay, “The Liberal Arts”. He states, “Liberal Arts would refer to a set of academic disciplines.” (Holmes 385) He also writes that liberal arts has a lot to do with how people speak and think. Holmes also speaks of how liberal arts in the eighteenth and nineteenth century is synonymous with classical education.
Armand L. De Gaetano states his point of view of liberal arts as:
It prepares the individual to better understand and appreciate humanity’s highest achievements, the character of its culture, its political and social structures, its means of communication and artistic expression both of which are effected through languages, scientific knowledge, and observation which awaken our sensitivities and enable the individual to adjust to and enjoy a larger area of his environment. (De Gaetano 1)
What Holmes is trying to express is that liberal arts helps the individual to better understand most things in life by preparing the individuals.
On the other hand, I.M. Cross writes an essay to his class before he makes their final exam, explaining why they have all failed the course. Cross explains to his students that they have not failed the class because of their...

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