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Liberal Media Bias In The United States

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People rely on journalist to report factual news and to make political points in helping the American citizen in making their decision when it comes time to vote. Since American’s do not have time to research every side to all the stories that have been published, they count on the media to portray both sides. However, you cannot believe everything that the media reports. If you were to pay attention to the reports given by journalists, you will find that they report on the stories that they feel they want to get out. And when it comes to politics, they have a way of leaning more towards a democratic view. The American media has a way of portraying the news in a bias way, which has been studied, researched, and reported to be true.
Journalists use their influence to persuade the opinions of their viewers or readers, and to get the people to believe what they are reporting on is factual and true information. They will use the public’s opinion to help form the people’s opinion by using newspapers, advertisements, etc. The media will also use misleading headlines for newspapers or magazines, knowing that some people will not read the whole article. This makes those who do not want to read the full article to believe the partial statement made by the journalist. They also have a way of reporting only on the events that they feel the public would care to hear about. An example of this is when John Edwards was running for Presidency, and no one had reported about him having an affair. It wasn’t until after the election that this news had broke. However, when Sarah Palin’s sixteen-year-old daughter became pregnant, it was broadcasted over the news and plastered on the cover of magazines immediately. This is called liberal bias, a term that conservative elites have created to justify the funding of biased and inaccurate news. Many journalists are predominately liberal and are considered more liberal that the general public. They have a way of manipulating news to help Democrats and the liberal agenda. “Strong conservatives and Republicans are more likely to distrust the media news” (Lee Tien-Tsung).
Although the media deny being bias, there are ways to prove that it does exist without the proof of studies and research. When journalist only report from one side of the story and use phrases from witnesses or experts from the one side that they are reporting on, media bias is presented. If the journalist fails to report on the conservative side of the story, or the conservative part is either barely mentioned or comes at the end of the story instead of mentioning it during the liberal view, this is another example. Another way to identify this type of reporting would be looking for the journalist to put a spin on the story. This happens when journalist make one side of the story more appealing than the other. (Baker) Since the general public is able to spot bias in the media, they no longer trust the news. Back in 2001,...

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