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Liberals Vs Conservatives Essay

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Liberals and conservatives vary on many levels; one interesting category of differences is that of preferences. Those who identify with either the left or right tend to be divided among many aspects of their lives including politics, art, humor, food, and leisure pursuits (Hibbing, Smith, & Alford, 2013). Accompanying a shift in entertainment towards the focus on the spectacle, a change in dating culture occurred. No longer would a man ‘call on’ a woman (essentially awkward office hours) to pursue an interest in marriage. Instead, a man now invited a woman on a date: a public encounter in which he could assert his dominance by paying for things and impress the female through various restaurants, movies, and other activities (Weigel & Ahern, 2014). Considering the change from traditional to a more experimental form of courtship and entertainment, I would like to research the difference between liberals and conservatives in regards to their nightlife preferences.
To begin this experiment, a range of people should be utilized. The subjects should vary in terms of their self-reported political stances to include liberals, conservatives, and moderates. The moderates are included to serve as a type of baseline to determine the accuracy of variation, if there is any variation, between preferences. In order to accurately measure the differences between the left and right wing, a pre-test should be administered to validate political preferences This test could also serve as a means to identify the strength or range most likely to occur within the subjects’ party stances.
A self-report test should then be created utilizing preferences and patterns already distinguished between the two parties. The self-report will provide much more accurate responses than an informant questionnaire ever would. In this situation, an observer report is unnecessary as socially desirable responding should not be a problem. Questions should include varying types of activities one may partake in during a night out. For example, Jonathan Haidt employs statements to discern between liberals and conservatives including, “I prefer watching documentaries to action/adventure movies,” “If I heard that a new restaurant in my neighborhood blended the cuisines of two very different cultures, that would make me want to try it,” and “If I were to visit New York City, I would rather go to Times Square than the Metropolitan Museum of Art” (Haidt & Wilson). These types of choices clearly indicate and accentuate, to someone who is familiar with differences in preferences between liberals and conservatives, the variations between potential nightlife activities in which the subjects may partake. Unfortunately, this kind of test is not conducive to lack face validity. In order to avoid any sort of biased responses, the subjects should not be aware of the true purpose of the test. Otherwise, it is extremely possible and probable that those taking the test will respond according to the...

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