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Liberia This Is A Story About A Jamaican Girl That Lived In New York And Returns To Jamaica To Find Out That She Cannot Fit In Or Understand The Culture Around Her.

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"I do not want to punish you on a Monday morning," warned Mr. Singh.The chattering of the girl students in the vast hall, stopped abruptly. They all watched him attentively and listened routinely as if he was a divine nature and a state of royalty. He was standing in the middle of the hefty stage. Behind him were elevated closed curtains of the stage. He was a short hunched-back man, on his face showed the start of being aged. He wore a white blouse and dark pants at all times he was seen at the school. He was a man of many words. A man of ignorance Liberia thought.He began to talk again."You have no respect for god. You come into this holy hall for the sake of worshipping god and this is how you behave?"He shifted on the stage and began to point indirectly while he talked."If you come into this cathedral and continue to talk among yourselves, something must awfully be wrong with you. Something," he emphasized, "must really be wrong with you. You have no respect for god at all."There was continued deafening silence. Liberia, could hear the steady heartbeats of the girls, while Mr. Singh continued talking.Liberia began to close her eyes. She wanted to wish all of this away. She wanted to relinquish her soul and open the people's eyes to the truth that will set them free from this spiritual confinement.Every word he spoke, she thought, targeting those girls as imperfect humans. She felt the oppressive atmosphere weighing down on her shoulders all over her physical and mental being. She shook in a rhythm as if silently pushing away the mentally oppressive hands from her shoulders."You come here now!""Yes you!"A girl emerged slowly from the long closely packed queues of girls to the front of the hall and looked up at Mr. Singh on the stage."Go over there in the corner and kneel down on the floor. I will deal with you after."The girl, whom Liberia recognized as Anna, proceeded to the corner of the room in front of the girls and knelt on the floor with her head down.Still, then he continued to talk to the girls until his talking seemed to drift away from Liberia's ears and she could supposedly hear chipmunk-like talking. It was no use though. Is was as if his talking alone, his voice, despite her not comprehending, or not listening to what he was saying, it was still enough to shatter the souls of these living students.She started to feel searing; she attempted to cool her self down by blowing at her chest and fanning herself with her hands. She could feel sweat dripping down her face and she fanned her face with both hands.She glanced around the queues of girls to see if anyone was watching her but no one noticed or cared. She also realized no one seemed to be sweating or showing any trace of felted heat.The girls began singing and clapping their hands together in what Liberia thought of as falsehood worship.Jesus, you are my hero…my provider…you are my kingShe could not wait for it to be over. Though in reality she felt it was never...

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