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Rights And Resonsibilities Of North Korean Citizens

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Officially and originally referred to as, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea has had a dictatorship since 1948. (DPRK) On September 9, 1948 the United Nations elected South of Korea to be the Republic of Korea. They then elected North of Korea to be the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea electing Kim Il- Sung as the Prime Minster. This started the dictatorship in North Korea that still reigns on today.
Kim Il-Sung was born in 1912. Earlier in his life he was named Kim Söng-Ju, but he changed it in the 1930’s when he became a Korean Freedom Fighter and changed his name to Il-Sung. (Biography.) Eventually Il-Sung went to the Soviet Union, there he joined the Communist Party. (Biography.) Later on he went to have a family and had a son Kim Jong- Il, who became dictator after he died.
Il-Sung came back to Korea in 1945, and formed the Korean People’s Army. The Army consisted of a small group of guerillas and former soldiers, which he would later use in the Korean War. (Bio.) Just three years later Il-Sung was elected as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (North Korea) premier.
The communist countries only recognized North Korea as Korea and decided just to forget about the south. The reason for this is because of the split, the South of Korea had become allies with the United States. Some part of Il Sung and the people who agreed with his ostensible ways still wanted South Korea to come forth in the communist era. (Lywellyn.) Not mainly because they regretted the split, part of the reason, but Il Sung wanted more people to be in control over. He thought that the U.S was just controlling South Korea, and he couldn’t get them back. So this led to his reasoning in wanting to invade South Korea and bring them back as a whole country, and so he stated the Korean War.
Shortly after failing to capture South Korea in the Korean War (1950-1953) Il Sung developed his ideology of a seemingly true policy of diplomatic and economic ‘self reliance’, to turn the citizens away from outside influence. For example not letting the citizens of North Korea leave without permission, or freely participating in elections. (CIA.) Kim Il-Sung taught his people that the US was the ultimate threat to its social system, that the US was the ultimate threat to his political, economic, and military policies surrounding his objective for unification of Korea under his control. (CIA.)
The North Korean Government has listed 24 articles under the Fundamental Rights and Duties of Korean citizens (Articles 62-86). (Helpline Law.)
(Helpline Law.) Article 75 of the Fundamental Right and Duties of Korean Citizens (FRDKC) clearly states, “ Citizens have freedom of residence and travel.” (Helpline Law.) (Delisle, Dascher.) But in order to leave the North of the Korean peninsula, you need special permission. That system of required permission was going on for a while, (Delisle, Dascher.) and strengthened after the Korean War, said to have killed about 4...

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