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Liberty And Justice For All: Same Sex Marriage

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Marriage. A legally, religiously, or socially sanctioned union of persons who commit to one another, forming a familial and economic bond. Same-sex marriages included. Same-sex marriage is one of the most controversial topics of our day and age. As of July 1st, 2013, 55-40% of Americans believe that same-sex marriages should be recognized by law as valid. That’s the most support there has ever been in our country. We shouldn’t be depriving gay and lesbian couples of the human right of equality. It has been proven that legalizing same-sex marriage does amazing acts for not just individuals, but our country as a whole. Failing to do so would only take us farther back in the evolution of American society. We are constantly becoming more open-minded as a society, and treating everyone equally would definitely help.
Firstly, same-sex marriage should be legal because it would create financial gain to the state and local governments. Revenue from gay marriages comes from marriage licences, higher income taxes, and decreases in costs for state benefit programs. More marriages means more money for the government. The Comptroller for New York City found that legalizing gay marriage would bring $142 million to the city’s economy and $182 million to the state’s economy over three years. Now, just because the government has more money doesn’t mean they will use it well. They could unnecessarily fund irrelevant changes instead of more important causes. Although, it can never be guaranteed where the money goes, but this is the system that generally functions well and benefits us. In the end, most of us get what we need.
One of the most popular arguments against gay and lesbian marriages is that the Bible says homosexuality is wrong. This shouldn’t be. Some Bible verses are interpreted differently, such as Luke 14:26 “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters-yes, even their own life-such a person can not be my disciple”. Some say that this verse teaches literal hate, some don’t. Equally important, people use Bible verses regarding homosexuality as an excuse to hate on gays and lesbians and make gay marriage illegal. However, these people should keep in mind that we are not a Christian country. Our Constitution makes it so we have freedom of religion. Certain religions shouldn’t be...

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