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Library Of Congress And The Digital World Library

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April 24, 1800, the Library of Congress was developed. Not only is it the oldest federal-cultural institution in the U.S, the Library is the most internationally broad library. The Library is open to the billions of people around the world with more than 150 million sources. Before the mass success and digital promotion, the Library of Congress fought tribulations to become the historical mark it is today.
The first mention of the Library was in 1783 by James Madison. His idea became reality when President John Adams wrote his signature on an Act of Congress. The Library resided in the capitol city of Washington, Starting with a mere 740 books and 3 maps. Just gaining foundation, in the year ...view middle of the document...

This was thanks to the Smithsonian Secretary, Joseph Henry. In 1854, Henry had to rid of the Smithsonian librarian, Charles Coffin Jewett because he was against the Library of Congress. Henry however, admired the efforts. The Library was moved in 1897 from the capitol with a total of about 840,000. John Russell Young, the Librarian for two years made an everlasting difference. He created the Library's assistant programs for the blind and disabled persons.
After Young, Herbert Putnam held the title for 40 years. He wanted to concentrate on making the Library have more access and be more useful to the public. To accomplish this, he allowed access to investigators and published primary sources for educational benefits. He gained the papers of the Founding Fathers for the Library. Putnam extended foreign connections. Another accomplishment, he created the Legislative Reference Service. This service would provide information on an unlimited amount of topics.
In 1953 L. Quincy Mumford brought forth the demand for the James Madison Memorial Building. He was also the director in acquiring connections with abroad locations. In 1965, the Library was given a law to receive donations. When 1967 came around, the Library of Congress reached out to the Preservation Office. This gave the Library ways of preserving books.
Mumford retired in 1971, allowing Daniel J. Boorstin to be the next librarian. His first task was moving the James Madison Building. This eased the tension with workers and shelf space. With that settled, Boorstin made his purpose to strengthen the relationship with scholars, authors, publishers, businesses, cultural leaders.
For the Library’s 175th Anniversary in 1975, a series of articles were written on the 11 librarians was published. This made the long-term and short-term librarians be honored for their achievements.
James H. Billington, the 13th librarian, thought of the National World Library. He was inspired by the advancement of technology. In 2005, the World Digital Library was announced to be...

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