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Without the resources of Pepperdine Libraries, I have an extremely hard time imagining my Political Science Honors Thesis existing in its current form today. From the days of searching through databases such as JSTOR, Sage Research Methods, to Academic Search Complete, I was able to gain access to entire body of Political Science literature at the whim of my fingertips. Over the course of the past semester and a half, I was able formulate the research question for my thesis, collect a wide range of academic resources, and gain the help of expert librarians to narrow down and carry out my research.
The beginning of my thesis started in early September, and when I had one of my biggest ...view middle of the document...

The overwhelming majority of my sources were journal articles focused on framing theory and effects of it among the general public. By utilizing periodical databases from Pepperdine Libraries, I gained a wide range of viewpoints on the theoretical perspectives of political frames, and used those perspectives for my literature review. The main ways that I selected my sources was their importance within the field of political framing and how recently they were authored; and I was lucky to have my professors advise me on what I should consider “important” in the field of political framing.
After conducting my literature review, I conducted my own original research for my thesis. My research was conducted in a mixed-methods manner, with a qualitative content analysis and quantitative experimental survey. The content analysis was partly depended upon using the Factiva database from Pepperdine Libraries, where I used it to search for newspaper articles that mentioned the “Manchin-Toomey Background Checks Gun Control Bill”, the specific piece of legislation that I was analyzing using political framing theory in my thesis. Using the Factiva newswire service, I searched major U.S. newspapers with the following search terms: “Mayors Against Illegal Guns OR National Rifle Association OR Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence OR National...

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