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Licensure Essay

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Addiction Counseling:
According to Lewis, substance abuse and addiction have become a serious problem in our society today taking a serious hold on individuals, families, communities, and occupations. Addiction and substance abuse counselors work with clients who have severe to moderate substance abuse problem and or substance dependency problems. The purpose of a substance abuse counselor is to address the issue of the addiction through group or individual counseling sessions like narcotics anonymous or alcoholics anonymous. Group counseling sessions help the client to understand that they are making a change for the better, while also showing the client that there are other clients struggling with the addiction that you are struggling with. This fosters a feeling of belonging; these sponsors will work with them day and night to help overcome this life long addiction or dependency. “A key implications for counseling to help clients re-establish relationships with others (as opposed to the chemical) in order to heal.” (Lewis, pg. 6, in press)
Within the addiction counseling field there are several certifications available, they are as follows:
CDCA: Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant Phase I and Phase II, LCDC II: Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor II, LCDC III: Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III, LICDC: Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor, LICDC-CS: Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor-Clinical Supervisor. (
From a personal standpoint I like working in the substance abuse and dependency counseling. First, no day is the same working with clients with abuse and dependency issues. This career field offers a great way for young non-licensed associate counselors to get their feet we in the counseling field. I definitely have a greater appreciation for the addiction counseling field. Within certain community outpatient facilities, the company offers free continuing education credits while also helping pay for licensure exams and furthering your education in working towards terminal degrees. This comes in handy trying to pay off student loans and furthering your degrees while also trying to keep up with continuing education requirements for licensure.
Forensic Counseling:
Forensic counseling is an emerging field that combines psychology and criminal justice. With a Master of Science (MS) in Forensic Counseling, students can work in a number of positions in the criminal justice and counseling fields. (Barbara LoFrisco, 2014) Within this field you can work as alongside the legal system helping to advocate for the...

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