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To A Little Invisible Being Who Is Expected Soon To Become Visible By Anna Barbauld

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Poetry in the early 19th century was a form of therapy that allowed the writer and reader to get in touch with their emotions. In the poem “To a Little Invisible Being Who is Expected Soon to Become Visible”, Anna Barbauld discusses the feelings of what it is like for a mother awaiting her unborn child. The poem is written in a third-person narrative style and the author uses many exclamation points, which suggests the urgency and emotion through the punctuation. The rhyme scheme of the poem is ABAB. The language is positive and hopeful, which helps form an inclusive tone of romance. Likewise, the poem is broken into nine quatrains which aids in the depiction of the mother carrying a child for nine months in her womb.
As a poet from the Romantic era, Barbauld attempts to purport to the reader (men in particular) how having the ability to recreate another human being contributes to the emotional state of a female. The contradiction in the poems title “invisible” and “visible” aids in the role of the Romanticism period. The majority of the writers sought after the importance of focusing on the invisible just as much as the visible.
The focus of the poem is on the feelings of a female narrator that is waiting for her unborn baby. As previously stated, men were jealous of women because of their recreation power; during the era, recreation was a main focus of many writers. Moreover, Anna Barbauld validates in her poem just how the female narrator having the power to recreate a human being conveys hope and contentment. I will prove this contentment that the narrator has in the poem through Barbauld’s diction, female perspective, and nature as a metaphor.
The narrator in Anna Barbauld’s poem reveals to men exactly how having the power to recreate a new human being brings her joy as a female by using contented diction. In the first stanza the female narrator in Barbauld’s poem states “Haste, precious pledge of happy love, to go/ Auspicious borne through life’s mysterious gate” (3-4). By means of the words “Precious” (3) and “happy love” (3), the narrator is conveying to her male audience how happy she becomes when talking about her unborn child. According to the OED, “Precious” (3) means valuable. As a result, by associating the unborn child with the adjective “precious” (3) it depicts how she treasure the baby, and treasured things have great value which result in bringing joy. By mentioning “happy love” (3), the narrator discloses that she is satisfied with the love for her baby. She provides the word “love” (3) and the adjective “happy” (3) to portray that the love she has is happy since at times love is not always happy, some feel pain with it. Consequently, the narrator wishes to give emphasis to and tell her male audience that she is pleased with her love. Similarly, when the narrator uses the word “Auspicious” (4), she demonstrates through her words how her unborn child is favored by fortune according to the OED. As a result, the narrator’s use...

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