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Life After Bullying Essay

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Introduction to bullying
Many young students are suffering from bullying. Bullying not only affects victims but it also affects the bully in the future. Most bullying happens in school, and outside of the house. Bullying is becoming a big problem which is hard to understand and hard to deal with. Two of the main reasons people are being bullied are because of their physical appearance or social status. Accordingly, every day thousands of students wake up afraid to go to school. Imagine the story of Mario; he is often pick-on because he is week, gay, and someone who wear glasses. His friends think he does not fit in because he is short than other student in the class, and for being gay and wearing glasses.
Some bullies attack their targets directly, which can mean using words to hurt or make fun of other people. Other bullies attack their targets indirectly, for example spreading rumors, talking about others behind their back and intentionally hurting someone's feelings. Bullying is also often fueled by the ignorance of schools, families, and neighbors.
Definition of bullying
Bullying is mostly caused by teasing, taunting, threatening, or hitting. The most popular types of bullying are racist bullying, sexual bullying or physical bullying. In racist bullying most people are bullied because of their race or ethnicity. In addition, racist bullying happens because of skin color or cultural and religious background. Sexual bullying is a type of bullying and harassment that occurs with sexual overtones. For Example, It can be physical, verbal, or emotional. Physical bullying is characterized by punching, hitting, and touching. It makes the victim uncomfortable so many girls and boys stay home to avoid school. For example, the research shows that, “25% of girls stayed home from school or cut classes to avoid sexual harassment” (Coloroso 2). The other two types of bullying are indirect and direct bullying. Most girls are involved in indirect bullying and most boys are involved in direct bullying. Girls spread rumors to enforce social isolation whereas boys often bully in front of the victim. However, the key part of bullying is an intimidation that occurs repeatedly over time to create an ongoing pattern of harassment and abuse.
Evidence that illustrates that bullying is a problem in schools
In the article, Bullying in School, Ron Banks argue that bullying is a global problem. Banks stated that, “Bullying is a serious problem that can dramatically affect the ability of students to progress academically and socially.” Most bully occurs at school. This means most of the students are unsafe at school so they are missing school. Which is affecting the student grade and they are feeling left out. The author’s purpose is to make the school a safe and fear free environment so that students cannot be bullied in school. He suggest that School and staff need to step up to make school a safe and fear-free environment.
Bully-Proof Your School, By Collen Newquist...

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