Life And Art Of Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo

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Frida Kahlo was born in July 6th 1907 to a Mexican Roman Catholic Mother, which was of Indian Spanish decent, and to a German photographer father. Frida was born at the Blue House which was built by Frida’s father. Frida grew up looking at her father’s photography that helped her learn of Mexican History, Art, and, Architecture. Frida had three sisters –Mitilde and Adriana that were older and Christina who was younger. Sometimes her father would take Frida when he would go paint the country side, she would watch him use his paints and brushes. When Frida was six she got polio. She survived the polio but it was a long time before she ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately her bones would never heal properly, which would cause a lot of pain throughout her life.
Since she was in a full body cast she had to lie on her back and needed something to do to keep her busy. Her mother had a special easel made for her and her father let her use his paintings. She would paint pictures of herself since they put a mirror on the canopy of her bed. She would end up spending a lot of time on her back painting since she would have to endure many more surgeries. She did end up walking again eventually. In the time she spent on her back she found that she really enjoyed and loved painting. She started putting Mexico folk art and Mexican history in her work.
She decided not to let her pain or the accident stop her from living and enjoying her life. She would go to parties and be with friends and kept on painting. The painting helped her forget the pain and help her to feel better to do other things. For two years after her accident Frida painted twenty four paintings for her to feel better. Her artwork was expressive of her life and what she endured day to day.
At a party with her friends one day she would run into Diego Rivera. A few days after the party she would take four of her paintings to show Diego to see if he thought she was any good at painting. Diego was up on a scaffolding doing one of his murals when a young Frida yelled at him to come down. He did get down to take a look at her paintings. He even thought that one of her paintings were really good. He told Frida to paint another portrait so he could come and take a look at it. He showed up at her house and took a look. He was impressed with the work of such a young women of her age.
Diego started spending a lot of time with Frida and they fell in love and got married in 1929. He was quite a bit older then her, but she knew he was a great artist and could teach her much. After being married for about a year Diego was commissioned to work on a mural in San Francisco. This is where Frida would paint the picture of her and Diego on their wedding day called “Frieda and Diego Rivera. After Diego’s mural was done they went back to Mexico which Frida missed so much. But this would be cut short as the Museum of Modern Art in New York City wanted to present an exhibition of Diego’s work.
After the exhibit closed they would move to Detroit so Diego could paint another mural. While Diego painted Frida was painting pictures about her missing home and not liking being in the United States. This is where she would paint the portrait call “Self Portrait on the Borderline between Mexico and the United States”. It showed her distaste of the United States and the beauty of her beloved homeland .Another great painting she would do was called “My Dress Hangs Here”. This painting also showed how unhappy Frida was in New York City. It was done during the Great Depression which was depicted in this painting as well. Frida didn’t like the fact that her and other famous...

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