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Life And Death Is Only A Junction.

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Life and Death is only a junction

Life and Death is only a junction.

This was not what I expected death to be. Wandering a forest that was dead on my left and thriving on my right. Maybe this is death, my punishment, wandering these woods forever. I could hear other people calling names, screaming questions or just sobbing. Every time I try to go towards a voice, the forest seems to bend and shift so it is always the same. Dead on my left and thriving on my right, it doesn't matter which way I turn. The forest hid the sky and I feel afraid, for no reason; I felt that I was slowly being boxed in. It feels like I have been wandering the woods for a decade when I know that I have been here for just about half an hour. I know where I am but I keep fighting the truth. I would not - could not accept that I would never again hear or see Becky, never be whole and alive. I would lock the thought away in the corners of my mind. Instead I started to think about the last moments of my life.

Friday November 23, 2007 was the Friday everything changed.

"You did WHAT!?" my sister screeched.

"I ran away, you know what it's like there, you haven't been away that long Becky." I answered in a surprisingly calm voice considering that my older sister was screaming at me so loud that I was surprised that the people outside the telephone booth couldn't hear her.

"Ok", she exhaled, exasperated. "I know it was hard for you there but you can't just run away B.B, where will you go, what will you eat, where will you sleep?" That one little comment made me see red.

"I will do whatever I want to, thank you very much!" I snapped. I was so angry, I slammed down the receiver and stormed out into the pouring rain of a typical London winter muttering under my breath and getting alarmed looks. It's HARD for me! I thought. Ya, when you were there it was hard, now it's torture to the point of inanity.

Everyone called me B.B, Baby Bells. My real name is Isabelle but, compared to my sister, as everyone always did, I was a baby. Becky was 19, tall, fit, smart and she had brown hair that was cut short, lots of freckles and skin that always somehow looked tanned. I was almost the exact opposite.16, short, an average student, with long blond hair and skin like a china doll's, white and fragile. However, I was always in Becky's shadow. We lost our mom and dad in a car crash 10 years ago, when I was 6 and she was 9. Our parents had no siblings and their parents had already passed away. We had been living in foster homes ever since and the last one was the worst.

"B.B!! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!?" Ms. Ugliano shouted furiously. She screamed again when I didn't respond. "YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS TO GET YOUR WORTHLESS BUTT DOWN HERE!" When I finally did get down the stairs, she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me in to the kitchen. "I told you to...

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