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Life And Health Plan Essay

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I am in pretty good health right now where I am at in life. My family does not have a history of anything that can be described that could be foreseen as a problem. What I can talk about is a generalized health maintenance and plan for staying healthy that should be easy to follow and quite rewarding. I will talk about eating disorders specifically so as to adhere to the instruction of the assignment. Eating disorders are some of the top concerns with any person that has health concerns regarding food.
To make sure that someone can be successful in achieving a healthy body it is important to set goals that you can adhere to. One goal that is very important to me is easily to live a long and productive life. This can be considered a physical exercise goal in the sense that without exercise you can not really expect the same rewarding health as you would with regular exercise. As another goal that would help in maintaining health I would like to set monthly targets for weight and physical fitness that are realistic and obtainable. By setting a personal target weight you can compare your weight once a week and see an accurate model of what is happening with your diet and exercise plan. Developing an exercise plan that keeps you motivated and makes the time spent fun and rewarding is important to ensure the best results from any plan. On the nutritional side of a goal oriented approach to health the best idea is the simplest. By watching your caloric intake and serving sizes you can cut out a large amount of the fat causing nutrients as well as high sodium and other things that could potentially jeopardize your health plan.
In order to achieve your goals you must keep to your plan easy to follow and keep it fun and motivated so that it is not abandoned easily or put aside. To achieve the goal of a long productive life you simply need to focus on that goal as a whole and spend time making sure that the other goals of your health plan are being followed as well. To make the second goal work by setting weekly measurements for weight and physical activity it is important to keep a record of all scale readings and exercise plans. This goal will be easier to achieve with regular exercise involved throughout each individual week. I personally like to run and ride my bicycle. I believe that a good plan for me would be to add more activities to the plan I already follow. My current plan includes cycling 100 miles a week, running 12 miles a week, and a series of low impact aerobics for 30 minutes a day. I would like to ad another 8 miles of running so that I can maintain my body more efficiently. Running is a fantastic way to lose unwanted weight and keep the cardiac muscle working in top shape. I would also increase the aerobic exercise to 1 hour a day and alternate between low impact and high impact throughout the week. On the nutritional side of things it should be fairly simple to achieve my goal. It is very difficult in society today to stick to...

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