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Life And Journey From High School

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Many teens have different aspects in their experience in high school. There was the popular kids, the nerdy kids, the emo kids, the gangsters, the jocks, and even the ones who just seems to be just plain normal. In my case, I was usually depicted as the normal background student when walking around campus, but that's not how my classmates, friends, and teachers saw me. They saw me in different category. It's funny that the route I've taken, wasn't the one I expected.
Before we start in High School, let's start at the brief introduction of school life. Think of it, as a prolouge. What molded me before the freshman year did. In kindergarten, I started class late and I was the new student. Everyone already had friends and when we have free time, everyone takes an activity and I was the only the who usually picks arts and crafts. This is an early stage of my anti-social behavior.
From Elementary school, I had a harder time to make friends or to understand the world. I had little interaction to the outside world, and the only ones I count was going out to the store to buy toys and being babysit by my mom's sisters if my grandma is working. Even my toys were my only friends at the time, as I got no one to play with.When I hit first grade, I tried to cope with the other kids. I tried to act like them, be friends with them, even tried to act like the cool kids from TV. The roles I ended up having is either class clown or the shy guy. From first to sixth, all I was able to accomplish, was to make a fool of myself and the rest saw me more as a background character. I guess my only best friend there, was a kid named Jeri, who I occasionally hang out with and our parents are in good terms among each other.
After Elementary school, I transferred to middle school, where I became more lonely than before, though I did have a group of "friends" to be with. I went into a phase of being a little emo, but also staying in root to my behavior from elementary school. It was a private school and my mom thought it would be good for me and my education. Instead, I was constantly being picked on a lot. I had my stuff moved around from the room, my stuff thrown over a fence, name calling, rocks thrown at me, my wallet stolen, kids using me, had terrible friends, and so on. Not only that, but I couldn't focus on my classes and I barely passed any. The only way I could move to 8th grade, was to transfer to another middle school. From there, I didn't have much people picking on me, though I was always being targeted with verbal abuse. On the bright side, I had met new friendlier people and even united with my only friend from elementary school. Though not that social to me and I was not that social to everyone, it was nice to get to know them and little by little, I made more and more friends.
From what I've been through, I have worked my way to high school and that's where changed my story in life. It's like season after season in TV shows that is the same with...

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