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Life And Time Of Alice Walker. This Tells You About Her Life And Her Writing Style. How She Pours Her Personal Experience Into Her Characters. With Work Cited Page

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Alice Walker: Life through her EyeWhen Alice Walker was a little girl in a small town call Eatonton, Georgia, when her life changed before her very eyes. While playing with her brother, Walker was accidentally shot her in the eye with a BB gun by him. With her parents being so poor that they didn't take her to the hospital immediately. By the time they did get her some medical attention, it was too late, she was already blind in that eye. This injury forced her to look at the world in a way that she had never seen it before. With that new vision, we have great works from her as we know it today.Walker is known for works like, Once: Poems, "Goodnight, Willie Lee, I'll See You in the Morning"; ...view middle of the document...

She was referring to members of her own family when she said " embattled souls." These members included her sister, her uncles and her grandmother,Rachel Walker:My grandfather turns his creaking head away from the lavender box.He does not cry. But looks afraid.For years he called her "woman";shortened over the decades to"Oman."On the cut stone for "Oman's" gravehe did not noticethey had misspelled her name (Tate 7).This example shows how she uses experiences from her family members. In the poem above, Walker was writing about the state her grandfather was in while he was attending the funeral of his deceased wife Rachel.One of her latest works The Way Forward is with a Broken Heart is one of the best examples of her own personal experiences being reflected in her writing. Walton notes that this collection of stories begins as a love letter to her former husband, with whom she raised a daughter, but divorced after ten years together. "She details how the once-vibrant relationship deteriorated into a fragile marriage, damaged by the racial tensions of the time and the slow death of communication." (Howard 8) This is exactly what happened to her relationship with her former husband, who was a white, Jewish civil- rights attorney. So this ties right in with her collection The Way Forward is with a Broken Heart. Walker takes the reader into her personal life filled with things from love to relationships.Writers from near and far have all agreed that Alice's work is very personal. Robert Allen, staff writer for The Dallas Morning News wrote that Alice Walker's books are intense and very personal. Author Molly Hite, wrote that when Ms. Walker was involved in the Civil Rights movement that she wrote about the Movement in some of her early poetry and short stories. It was Meridian though that she really put her experiences from the Movement in. According to Hite, Walker used her experiences in the Movement and the experience of others of her generation to deal with the social, political, and philosophical issues raised by the Movement.Meridian is a novel that affirms the Movements vision of freedom and nonviolence, affirms blackness and African American heritage in a racist society that failed to value and continued to destroy black lives (Hite 3). Meridian is what Walker would later call a " womanist" novel. It intertwined the black awareness and feminist awareness that grew out of the civil rights movement. If Walker hadn't participated in the Movement, then Meridian would not have had the impact that it had on people especially the black community. She had to use her experiences in order to even begin to write Meridian.Walker's work would not have had the personal feeling that it has if she didn't put her related experiences into her work. It's like being a Spanish professor, teaching about the beauties of say, Brazil, but not ever being there to experience those beauties. What good is it, if you've never had first hand experiences there? On the other...

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