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Life And Works Of Mark Twain

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Life and Works of Mark Twain
Mark Twain is considered as one of the most renowned authors of his time. He attained worldwide success, very early in his professional career. Twain was mostly known for writing realistic novels, in which the language and the mindset of the people reflected the traditions and values of their environment. As he spent ample time near the Mississippi River, the symbolism of the river and its significance is reflected in his books. Overall, Mark Twain was a celebrated author, who relied on realistic reflections of his own observations, with an added mixture of humor.

Mark Twain was mostly known for his accurate account of his surroundings. After spending his childhood near the Mississippi River, he developed an understanding of literature and the use of symbolism in his works. In “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, Twain reflected Finn’s character as a free spirit, whose actions could be reflected to the river itself. Twain majorly used symbolism in his works. the river was one of the symbols in book, where it is highlighted to be independent and free of all worldly bounds and limitations. This is shown in the character of Huckleberry Finn, as he chooses to live a life of freedom near the river. He pursued adventures, which were not considered to be normal in that particular society. Additionally, he was not limited by worldly responsibilities and was flexible in his approaches, throughout the novel. Similarly, another symbol was Jim. He was a symbol of slavery and reflected the lives of all the slaves in that period of time. Through his actions and the treatment he receives, the readers could develop an understanding of the life of a slave and the attitudes of the society towards them.
Mark Twain focused on the realistic nature of human beings. He mocked individuals, who attempted to change, in order to please the society and not because of their own accord. He mocks Miss Watson, when she attempts to invite religion in her life and portrays herself to be a pious lady, even though she still keeps African American slaves. Twain was open in his works. He was bold and was not bound by environmental limitations. He openly mocked the things, which he considered to be damaging to the society. This is also reflected in “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court”, where he mocks the Church of justifying social inequality. The Yank is portrayed as a realist or an idealist, who encourages human progress and technology. This also reflects the mindset of Twain, who always opposed the things, which he did not believe in.

The Greatest American Humorist Mark Twain’s birth took place in Florida, 1985, on the 30th of November. He was named Samuel Langhorne Clemens by his parents, Jane Lampton and John Marshall Clemens. After few years of his birth, the whole family shifted to Hannibal, a small town of Mississippi. After his father’s...

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