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Life And Writings Of Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was a writer very much of his own time. “As Malcolm Cowley once put it, he lived in a room full of clocks and calendars” (Donaldson). Fitzgerald was born Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald on September 24, 1896, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Scott spent most of his first decade in Buffalo and Syracuse, due to his father's job. When Proctor and Gamble let Edward Fitzgerald go, he returned his family to Saint Paul, where he began consuming large amounts of alcohol, which later plays an immense role in Scott's adult life. The hardships with the loss of three sisters, his relationship with Zelda Sayre, and his unique ability to synthesize both the world around him and the artistic drive within him is what influenced Scott to write the amazing stories, plays, and novels that have went down in American literature as some of the most remarkable pieces of literature to ever be wrote. Scott Fitzgerald's writing was enormously inspired by the loss of his three sisters, his relationships with Zelda Sayre, and his ability to separate the world and his work. The first years of Scott's life were colored by grief and loss. The Fitzgerald family was in deep mourning the afternoon that Scott was born, due to the loss of Mollie and Edward Fitzgerald's two daughters that both died from an illness almost three months before Mollie gave birth to Scott. “Although his mother never spoke of the deaths of her first two children, Scott claimed he felt the effects” (Boon 13). Fitzgerald associated the tragedy of his sisters with his career as a writer. A little more than three years later, another sister was born into the family, but only lived one hour. The deaths of his sisters heavily affected his life as a child and an adult. Fitzgerald's relationship with Zelda Sayre was another powerful factor that influenced him to write. In 1917 Fitzgerald left the college he was attending, Princeton, to join the army which stationed him near Montgomery, Alabama, where he met and feel in love with an eighteen year old southern belle, Zelda Sayre, who he thought of as “the golden girl”. Zelda has contributed a bulk of herself to Fitzgerald's life and work. “Not only was she the love of his life and his companion throughout his most successful and notorious years, she was also the source of much of his inspiration” (Boon 23). Zelda plays an enormous role in Fitzgerald's writing, as most of his books are based on relationships and life itself. Zelda was born to an upper class family and possessing a great deal of mental instability, Fitzgerald's relationship with her helped expose him to the cavernous sense of emptiness that can accompany wealth. At the same time, through Zelda's established wealth he began to understand the class based difference between old money and new money, a theme that resonates in much of his work. Another influence on Fitzgerald was his...

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