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Twenty-eight years ago, my mother found her life in an uproar. She was married to my mentally abusive father, and things had gotten too difficult for her to handle. Not knowing what she would do or how she would do it, she made a life changing decision to leave him with my sister on her hip and me holding her other hand. My mother has significantly influenced my life as a single mother today.In November of 2000, I found myself reliving my mother's life. My husband of over five years left me for another woman. As I stood at the front door watching him walk away, and listening to my sons cry for their dad, I could not really imagine how my life was about to change. With my heart pounding, I realized that I had become a single mother of two young children just as my mother had many years before.What would I do? How would I do it? Would I fail? Would I succeed? All of these questions were racing in my thoughts. I didn't have any answers so I went to my mother for some much needed advice and encouragement. Who better to go to? She had already lived a life as a single mother and learned many meaningful lessons.As I walked into my mother's house, I began to cry. My mother took me in her arms and held me close while telling me that it would be alright. I felt like a child who had fallen off a bicycle and could not get up again. I had feelings of pain and fear running through my entire body. At that time, I still wasn't sure anything would ever be alright. My mother reassured me that even though things seemed as if they would never get better, they indeed would with time and patience.As I was starting my life as a single mother, I was so terrified of failure that I was not sure I would make it. No matter how hard I tried, I just didn't know if it would ever get any better. With...

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