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Life As A Soldeir, A Home Away From Home

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This is my six and hopefully last deployment; my second one to Afghanistan. Our convoy just arrived at the Combat Operating Post (COP), Qarabugh. This will probably be my home for the next 12 months, but I doubt it; I am sure we will relocate at least 2 to 3 more times while we are here. We grab our gear and walk to our tent. The First Sergeant could have given us a vehicle to put it on, but I guess that would have taken away from the experience, so I carried my three bags and two weapons the quarter mile to my tent. It is surrounded by he Hejco baskets full of sand and cement barriers for added Force Protection. The outside is green in color, with a generator on the side for lights, heating, and air duct. The inside is tan in color and it is approximately 16 inches wide and 32 inches long in size. There are eleven POT like bunks set up inside; the type you can stack on top of each other and make 21 bunks for additional personnel. We each go in and stake out our area. I go to the left near the door, but not to close for cases when it is cold or raining really hard. One month later this tent is our new home. It is my sanctuary, a place I can go and be alone on rare occasions and relax. Ironically, it is also a place I hate because when I have down time I remember just how much I miss my family and the comforts of home. I can’t help but to wonder do people back in the states (civilians) realize what we go through while being deployed. Inside the tent each Soldier sections off their own little space in order to have some sort of privacy. Some of the guys have stacked another bunk on top of the one they lay on for additional storage. They also drape ponchos on the sides to block out light and give them more privacy. That is actually a really good idea, but I never do that because I am Closter phobic and would hate for the enemy to sneak up on me and cut my throat in the middle of the night while I am sleep. On my bunk I have my black sleeping bag and a foam like mattress pad I purchased from the local Afghans for $20. I also have a makeshift pillow to lay my head on. Underneath I have my foot gear, my duffle bags and my ruck sack which is located at the foot of the bunk. To the side I have a black storage tuff box...

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