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Life As We Age Is A Short Story Written About A Friend.

597 words - 2 pages

What will our life become as we age? Freedoms we once enjoy as a child diminish with each passing year. Choices become less, money becomes less, and we are left with only our memories. Chester, a man who started his adulthood with many possibilities, a man who is on the brink of dementia with no choice of course to which his remaining life will follow. Will his passing go unnoticed?Chester graduated from high school with a football scholarship to Penn State University fifty years ago. His life revolved around football. He barely got grades good enough to stay in football, but because football was his chosen course in life, he continued. He worked out lifting weights and ate continuously until he ballooned up to over three hundred pounds. He was definitely a line backer to be reckoned with. With two years under his belt, bang he was injured so badly, his life as a football star was gone. Not wanting to stay at college knowing his life would be forever changed, he dropped out. When he recovered from his injuries, he pursued a job at the local feed mill. He eventually fell in love, married and raised six children. For thirty-four years he delivered feed and seed to local farmers. After his wife passed on and his children were grown, starting families of their own, he moved to Ohio. He aged significantly the following twenty years.Chester now lives part of his life in the past, fighting internally with himself with the present and having little fate in tomorrow. With each passing day, his body becomes weaker and his will to live is lesser. His Social Security check just barely pays the rent on his...

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