Life Before Advanced Portable Technology Essay

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The idea of portable touchscreen devices have been many years in the making, In the 1966 television show “Star Trek Captain Kirk had the PADD (Personal Access Display Device) (Star Trek)” , “The 1968 movie 2001: Space Odyssey, there was a similar device called the Newspad” (Sande). A device by the same name was described in Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy aired on BBC radio in weekly segments, starting on March 8, 1978, and published in a novel in 1979 (Adams)
History of the Tablet before the 2010 Explosion.
Scientist started thinking about devices to make life better long before the computer was invented; Long before Microsoft and Apple. “Elisha Gray patented an electrical stylus device ...view middle of the document...

“A personal computer for children of all ages.“ It was produced commercial by several company’s, in the 80s’ Pencept, Communication Intelligence Corporation, and Linus were of the best known that used the design. In 1987 Apple Computer started a tablet project, several years later they put out a slate computer called the Apple Newton Debuting in August 1993. This product was a far cry from what we have today weighing in at 1.4 lbs. with a 6 inch display. It has been said that they cost was an astronomical 699.00 when it went in to production for such limited function. (Stengel)
The late nineties through the early twenty-first century was a big time for the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)Like the PalmPiolt which some combined cell service, limited functioning internet, but some advanced features, and puts us steps closer to what we have in the tablet race.
In 2000 Microsoft designed Microsoft Tablet PC’s using Windows OS., which was geared to note taking and as rugger devices for field work, mostly for the health care sector, the main problem with this tablet was it was way too heavy to be held with one hand for extended period of time.
Tablet Introduction of 2010
Some of the hottest tablets were introduced in 2010, the first being the I-Pad, Since its release Apple has released several newer versions to the popular I-Pad the current versions out are: The I-Pad Mini, I-Pad 2, and I-Pad Air, Content for downloads are available at the ITunes store. Samsung Galaxy tab was released in the fall of 2010, it...

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