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After meeting with my academic advisor and one of the dietitians from China, I learned a lot of strategies to achieve my goal. In other word, I affirmed my goals after my meeting with them. They provides some information and advice for me, those helped me a lot. I think I already know what I want for my future.
Firstly, I met with my academic advisor about to apply graduate school during mid of October. She is a very nice person that helped me to contact admission center and also school of HPER. After talking with her, I find that I feel better and more confidence. To be honestly, I lost my confidence after I changed three majors in college. I am a senior year student, but sometimes, I still afraid that I don’t know what I really like and my interest. I have talked with my academic advisor about this kind of situations before I took this course. She told me that I can try to take this course and I may find what I want during the process. Before taking this course, I am disappointed that my major is general studies. My academic advisor told me not to be disappointed. She said her major is English, but now she is a college advisor. She told me that in some conditions, one’s work is not related to their major. The most important thing is that you have to find a work which is meaningful and can make you happy. She gave me suggestion to make an appointment with one of professor from nutrition science in HPER to get more information about the application of Graduate school. But I didn’t meet with the professor yet due to the final is coming and some other issue; I will make appointment as soon as possible.
Secondly, I had an informational Interview with a Chinese dietitian by phone last month. It is not a formal interview. The dietitian is one of my mom’s friends. So, the interview is more likely a casual chat. She has been a dietitian for more than 1o years in China. The most helpful thing I have learned from her is that I know more about what dietitian always do and their working environment. She is working in a hospital in China. Her job content is to help overweight people make a healthy plan; make a plan for people who have heart disease and also for women who just give a birth to a child. Her working environment is that she works with other three dietitians in an office. She has her own assistant to help her to record patient’s information. Due to that she is working in China, so the salaries and credentials are different. She gave me some suggestions to ask other dietitians in US to get more information about how to get Registered Dietitian (RD) credential. She also told me to be a dietitian should be very patient.
In conclusion, after meeting with them and take those worksheets and assessments in class, I feel being a dietitian is my future goal. My calling is take care and support to others, I like to help people. I am also good at persuade, I believe I will be a good dietitian in the near future. I will remember those informations gained...

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