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Life Care Center Performance Management System

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Building a performance management system (PMS) that’s effective to developing short and long term goals for future organizational success must incorporate everybody from upper-management to entry-level employees. However, it takes leaders and followers to be on the same page in order to make that plan standout and become effective. That means establishing a developmental plan, having the right culture behavior, proper staff, strong leaders with strong leadership skills, building employee relations, sustaining employee retention, a reward system that’s beneficial and rewarding to every employee, and implementing appraisals. This research paper on Life Care Center (LCC) will examine on what needs to improve to build a better PMS for future organizational goals and success.
Organizational Strategy
Every organization must have a mission, vision, and purpose to achieve short and long term goals. LCC has all three components in place to achieve their organizational goals, however in 2013 LCC had a huge downfall to their performance management system plan that lost dedicated employees across the board. LCC, has implemented different PMS, which assist them set the standards in achieving future goals and rewards for many years. However, in order to establish and achieve the effect of PMS goals, every employee must possess the knowledge, skills, and ability (KSA) to fulfill the purpose, value, and mission of the PMS that the LCC has provided. LCC is held as a provider of skilled nursing care. LCC owns, manages, and/or is affiliated with skilled facilities, assisted living, home health agencies, hospice care facilities, and retirement centers nationwide.
Life Care is committed to being a premier provider of long-term health care in America. Their purpose is to be the facility of choice in each community in which we operate. Our programs, services, and facilities are designed and operated with superior quality in order to satisfy the needs of our residents.
• We believe residents are our highest priority
• We believe in the preservation of dignity, self-respect, and resident rights in a loving and environment.
• We believe in residents centered approach to care in which the total health needs of the residents are met.
Understand that LCC values is establishing a caring and comfortable environment for their residents and family. However to achieve that vision and values statement LCC must start integrating quality employees that has the knowledge, skills, and ability to achieve their success. LCC value statement to their associates believe their employees are the most valuable resource, providing an environment in which associates have the opportunities through education, on the job training, orientation, and advancement to meet their maximum potential. LCC, believes in rewards for their individual contributions and feel...


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