Life Challenges: Ender's Game, The Miracle Worker, And The Veldt

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All human beings cope with different challenges in life. These challenges can be emotional, mental, financial, social, or spiritual. The challenges in life learned in this course will be examined in different literary works such as novels, plays, and short stories. Isolation and conflicts are the challenges involved in Ender’s Game. Then, The Miracle Worker deals with reaching out someone and to an individual with a disability. Finally, conflict involving technology is evident in The Veldt. The challenges revealed in different works of literature are essential because they enable people to develop human qualities that give them opportunities to succeed and move forward.
In Ender’s Game, a science fiction novel written by Orson Scott Card, many people meet many challenges that make them move forward. One of the challenges involved in this novel is isolation. Graff isolates Ender, the protagonist, because he has an excellent mind (Card 34). In addition, the World Government trusts Ender to defeat the buggers, which will destroy the entire human race, in the next invasion (Card 34). Therefore, isolation makes him prepare to become a stronger person. Another challenge discovered in this novel is the struggle between Ender and Bonzo. According to Card, Ender gains respect from his friends, since he wins the battle between Ender’s Dragon’s army and Bonzo’s Salamander’s army (Card 181-182). As a matter of fact, Bonzo cannot accept the lost (Card 195). Prior to Ender’s leadership in his army, Bonzo is cruel, he gives a lot of orders, and one incident is when he has slapped Ender for disobeying him (Card 77, 86-87, 95). One day, after the battle, Bonzo and his friends surround Ender in the shower room and plan to kill him (Card 207-208). Knowing that this will happen, Ender does not want to fight but he defends himself by hitting Bonzo on his head resulting in Bonzo’s death. (Card 209-211). As this happens, Ender feels guilty that he has killed Bonzo and he becomes just like Peter, his brother. Furthermore, an external conflict between him and the bugger race challenge Ender. Prior to the final battle, Ender struggles due to the constant stress wearing on him and his squadron leaders. This includes making mistakes during practice sessions, having nightmares, and Petra, his friend from the Salamander Army, is tactless at her controls during practice (Card 278-285). Furthermore, Ender struggles after he wins the battle against the buggers. Despite of celebrating his victory, he feels guilty that he destroyed their planet. As a matter of fact, he feels upset about the truth behind the final battle that he has been the commander of the Third invasion. He feels angry that the adults manipulated him and he did not want to kill the buggers intentionally (Card 297-299). For these challenges revealed in Ender’s Game, being a strong person, dealing with his conscience, knowing who the true enemies are, and facing the reality are the themes that emerge from the...

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