Life Changes That Affect Participation In Physical Activities

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Life changes is a word used when something in your life has changed and usually it is a big change.When I use the word life changes I refer to changes in your life that affects the participation of physical activity wether it's for the best or the worst.Physical change in your life is not the only type of change that will affect your participation in physical activity for example if a person is under a lot of stress at his work he or she will be to stressed out to do any physical activities, or if a person has depression he or she would not attend to physical activity or if a person lost a loved one or a friend dieing in physical activities he or she would be scared and would not participate in physical activity he or she can get over it but it would mean trips to the psychiatrist and lots of money.Ten changes that will affect participation in physical activity:1) When your parents become wealthy they will be able to afford to pay for physical activities eg. Fees, equipment.2) Having your hands amputated will affect most types of physical activities.3) Becoming blind will affect nearly all types of physical activities.4) Picking up some kind of disorder or disease will affect the way you participate in physical activities.5) Becoming obese will mean that you cannot participate in many physical activities.6) Having a girlfriend or boyfriend can affect participation a lot7) Becoming fit will mean you can try out more demanding types of physical activities.8) Having both your legs broken9) If you are a female and you are pregnant and it's near time to give birth you will not be able to participate in physical activities.10) When you get your P's.Description or explanation of the 10 points above in order:1) Number 1 is really self explanatory most physical activity cost money so if your parents aren't making enough, then they cannot afford to pay for the fees and the essential items need to participate in physical activity, so when your parents do get a new job .etc they can afford to pay for everything. So in return you can participate in physical activities.2) Imagine having your hands amputated you will not be able to participate in a wide range of different physical activities therefore you...

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