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Events and experiences are constantly changing our lives, sometimes profoundly. One such profound experience for me was being a part of my school's Student Government, which taught me how much effort one needs to put into things to make them successful. I have also learned that people can put tremendous amounts of energy into things that others might consider simple, easy and practically effortless.Most people don't really appreciate things until they have to do them.For example, I didn't appreciate Pajama Day until I had to plan it. To plan Pajama Day took enormous amounts of time and effort. First, I needed to select a date and then check with the teachers to make sure that day was okay. Afterwards, I needed to make posters and make daily announcements so people knew about the event. Also, since I wanted to have prizes for the "Best Pajamas", I had to buy them. But before I could buy the prizes, I had to raise the money. Given all the effort that I put into a simple event such as Pajama Day, I can now appreciate how much effort needs to go into passing a law or developing a vaccine.As a member of Student Government, I also have had experience in planning larger events such as dances. I have arranged for DJs at every dance at my school since I was in seventh grade. I would call the DJ and formally introduce myself, giving all the necessary details about my school's dance. Furthermore, I would negotiate the contract and sign it on behalf of the school. Arranging DJs was a very good experience for me because it improved my negotiation and interviewing skills, and also further opened my eyes to the effort that goes into things in general.In hindsight, arranging DJs for school dances really gave me a new outlook on life; I became more appreciative of the sacrifices and effort required by everyday occurrences. For example, I started noticing how much time...

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803 words - 4 pages this author is that he likes to climb mountains and have adventures. These adventures make him who he is. He has been climbing for his whole life and without the life changing event he would not have been able to write the book. He constantly was striving for more. “I would of taken greater risks each time.” Page 214. Climbing mountains and the book changed his life. “Touching The Void and his future life changed him.” Page 214. The book is the

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A Life Changing Event Essay

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A Life Changing Event Essay

794 words - 3 pages for three years. By the age of nineteen I got the black built, which is the highest and the last built; in addition, I became a professional Taekwondo player, and a person that no one want to mess with. That event had a huge impact on my life, which changed it forever. Some of the changes are good and helped me to find myself; however, sometimes that event hunts me in my dreams.

A Life Changing Event Essay

659 words - 3 pages Surname 1Name:Taylor Snead Snead 1ENGL 1101 (Simmons)Narrative EssayJune 17, 2014A Life Changing EventEverybody has had a share of his or her bad experiences, but the events that took place two years ago in my hometown completely haunt me to this day. It was a relatively chilly day in Utah and my best friend Jake, and I had just come from a jog 7 miles away from the City Square. We had to stop at an old antique shop across the street where I was

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