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Life Changing Experiences From Behind The Wheel

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After obtaining my driver's license at the age of eighteen, I quickly began to believe that I was the reincarnate of Dale Earnhardt. No matter where I was driving to or for what reason, speeding was always a part of the equation. Young and uninformed of the risks associated with my reckless driving habits, I had convinced myself that I was not only invincible, but above the law as well. After receiving a speeding ticket and other traffic citations as the result of an accident, I was forced to re-evaluate my belief that I had no obligation to follow the law and in turn the notion of my invincibility. After much reflection and and soul searching, I came to the conclusion that life, like driving, is a gift that is very fragile and should not be regarded as irresponsibly as I had been treating it by driving so recklessly.
After the incident, I began doing some research on teenage car accidents at the advice of the officer who had responded to the scene. What I read about and learned was frightening. In 2008 over three thousand teen deaths occurred, either as a passenger or driver in a vehicle and over five thousand if you include teens hit by cars while walking or riding a bike. This sobering fact struck a very sensitive chord with me. The following few years of my life proved to be difficult and my delusions of grandeur quickly disappeared.
Now, nearly twenty five years old, I have gained much experience as a driver and have committed myself to becoming and remaining educated on the risks associated with reckless driving. Through these experiences and gained knowledge, I have made necessary modifications to my driving habits in order to become a more responsible and safe driver. Constantly vigilant and alert of any potential dangers while driving is the style of driving I prefer today, as opposed to eyes down, texting and speeding. Because of the changes I have made, I am now often the victim of tailgating and angry horn bleats. The tailgater has become the tailgated. These consequences of safe driving however, pale in comparison to the benefits and sense of security I have gained behind...

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