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There moments when people just look back in time how situation drastically changed to modern time. But it wouldn’t have become a lesson if no one looked at the issues people had affected society to present and future. According to the well known book in 20th century written by Primo Levi, Survival In Auschwitz, he explained about the time of his experience as a young 24 year old man being placed in German camp since he was considered as “Italian citizen and Jewish raced”. During the holocaust, it is one of the most horrible case of position to be part of because it is a matter of fact that there are unfair controversy based on race, and how people were severely treated. There is a point when people experiences the suffocation, but towards the present and future, it begins to upgrade from war ended and people have a great story to tell.
There are certain things people are against, they tend to do something about it. During the time of World War II, there were many situations going on. The Holocaust was on that was really known throughout history, which caused World War II, ideal by Adolf Hitler. Beforehand, he was in the Nazi Party, it wasn’t that powerful then, until he came up with the idea of taking over the Jews, which he strongly disliked them. He became well-known in Germany, with the putsch help. Many client from Germany or other places were satisfied with Hitler’s idea of taking over the Jews, that’s how World War II happened. It started around 1939, the place he invaded was Poland. Joseph Stalin gave Hitler to invade Poland because apparently he supported Hitler idea. It just continued from there, Hitler just invaded many European countries along with German support.
Generally when worst situation comes, it is difficult to just avoid it since it becomes the past. According to the text, A History of Modern Europe, it’s relative to the situation of World War II, which is based off of Chapter 26. There were certain agreements on where Hitler could invade to capture or get rid of the Jews. Hitler explained his plan on invading Poland and the Soviet to Heinrich Himmler, who is the leader of S.S. This was before he plan on declaring his plan to everyone. Because of Himmler adoration of Hitler’s, he just decided to make it official to invade countries that has Jewish population. During the time, there were some countries that tried to protect the Jews from being caught. The chapter mentioned how on that time in Amsterdam, a German Jewish were being protected living in Secret Annex by Christians, which later were known from the famous Anne Frank diary. She claimed, “a paradise compared with how other Jews who are not in hiding must be living” (1078). In her diary, she mostly talked about how it was like living there hiding from the Germans. After got caught, the families were sent to Auschwitz. However, the U.S. and Great Britain did not support this cause of Holocaust. U.S. President Roosevelt believed that the only way to save the Jews and...

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