Life Changing Surgery Essay

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Running head: LIFE CHANGING SURGERY 1LIFE CHANGING SURGERY 4Knee Surgery Changed My LifeRachel LantzZane State CollegeKnee Surgery Changed My LifeAs two male doctors and one female nurse wheeled me through the hallway, they injected me with the sleeping medicine. It was extremely cold, it cause a burning sensation when it entered into my vein. The doctor told me to count down from ten. I was in the surgery room. It was nothing but white walls surrounding. As I began to count down from ten, I suddenly felt as if my world was crashing down around me. Having knee surgery definitely changed my life. Knee surgery caused complications in sports, exercise, and made it really hard to participate in fun activities.After having knee surgery, I have had a lot complications trying to participate in sports. The surgery happened during the summer of my sophomore year in high school. It is my left knee, it still bothers me from time to time. In high school, my passion was softball. It was really the only sport I was good at playing. Having surgery made it really hard to keep up with the other players.In addition to not being able to keep up with the others, I had to constantly wear a knee brace. This knee brace was awful. It had metal hinges on both sides of my knee cap, and it felt like my knee was forever trapped in a doorway. It was super uncomfortable, it made my knee itch all the time. In the season after I had my surgery, I had the most embarrassing moment in softball of my life. I was in left field, which is right behind third base. The pitcher was winding up her pitch, so I got down and ready. The ball was hit between the center fielder and I, we both went after it. I was closer so I yelled "mine, mine, mine," but with my knee in that brace, I just wasn't fast enough. My knee in the brace was way too restricted. I watched the ball drop right in front of me, it was just out of diving distance. Therefore, the brace restricted me too much, and knee surgery caused me to quit the only sport I loved.Furthermore, knee surgery also made exercising regularly rather difficult. I really enjoy staying active and in-shape. I like to "hit the gym," as many teens would say. It is a great way for me to stay healthy and relieve stress. I am a teenager in college, I am full of stress. As much as I enjoy working out and being in the gym, it causes excruciating pain every night after I would work out. I felt as if no matter what I did to try to make my body look better, my knee just grew angrier with me. I remember one day during the summer, I was in the gym working out for three hours. I did everything I could think of that day....

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