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Life Cycle Of Mosquitos Essay

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Insect is a living thing from a group of invertebrate animal which have the highest number of species in the world. One of them is mosquito which is known as blood-sucker. The mosquitoes, or a scientific name is Culicidae, are a family of about three and half thousand species within the order Diptera with the two-winged flies. They are more closely related to midges, gnats and crane flies and one of the more primitive families of Diptera. Mosquitoes are not founded in the places that are permanently frozen. That means, the life of mosquitoes is based on the environment condition. Mosquitoes take 3-10 days to complete the life cycle from eggs to adults. There are four distinct stages in life cycle of mosquitoes namely eggs, larves, pupa and adult (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix).
Firstly, the life cycle of the mosquito is laying an egg. Mosquitoes have multi-stage life cycle which can divided into two categories which is flooding water species and standing water species. The life cycle of mosquito depend on where in the environments it laid eggs. For example, flooding water mosquito species likes Culex eggs are laid above the water level as floating raft whereas standing water mosquito species such as Aedes Albopictus laid it eggs near the waters. Based on the Clements (1992) studied that female mosquitoes lay some 50 to 500 eggs at one time, depositing them on water or on sites that will flooded. Each egg is protected by an egg shell, which in many species is elaborately sculpted. This reproduction was happened in every life of mosquito in different subfamily and tribes. The eggs of the mosquito hatched take a periods of time based on the environmental conditions. Based on Clements (1992) study stated that

within one to two days to a week or more, depending on temperature, the embryo develops into fully formed larva. In most species the larva hatches once it is formed, and can survive for a few days at most in the absence of water. (p. xiv)

For instance, with the water-proofed egg shells, Aedini’s eggs are capable to resist the desiccation and fully-formed, but the absence of the water also can unhatched A mosquitoes of the tribe Aedini’s larvae which can survive for months or even years. However, Aedini species may not laid eggs in flooded places for days, weeks, and months. This is the factors that have impact on the development of Aedini eggs. If the heavy rainfalls, it can lead to an apparent population explosion.
The characteristic of mosquito eggs is soft and flexible, later becomes hardened and waterproof similar with aidine’s eggs. Egg shells permit gas exchange while minimizing water loss even though the mature egg shell has rigidity and strength to provide mechanical support and protection. During the hatching eggs, the concentration of oxygen and the temperature are needed. This is because the process of egg hatch was faster especially in early spring. For instance, Aedes needs low oxygen concentrations and high water temperature...

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