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(Life & Debt) How Does The Film Illustrate The Frameworks Of Wid, Wad & Gad?

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How does the film illustrate the frameworks of WID, WAD & GAD?The film Life and Debt touches on the frameworks of WID, WAD and GAD; using the example of the Free Trade Zones I will analyze how WID, WAD and GAD relate to Jamaica’s Free Trade Zone.The WID (Women in Development) approach focuses mainly on (1) Welfare (2) Equity (3) Anti-poverty (4) Efficiency and (5) Empowerment.In the film Life and Debt the WID approach is evident using the poor women to work; anti-poverty, efficiency and empowerment are highlighted throughout the Free Trade Zone segment of the film. Anti-poverty is evident because women are targeted as the poorest of the poor and emphasis is placed on income-generating activities and access to productive resources for these women. An example of anti-poverty from the film is that the women who work in the Free Trade Zone work approximately five to six days a week to earn the legal minimum wage. Efficiency in relation to the emphasis on the need for women participation for success, effectiveness of development and the assumption of increased economic participation will result increased equality; approximately 10,000 women currently work for foreign companies under sub-standard work conditions. Integrating women in the work force is the goal for participation however increased equality has not yet been achieved. Lastly, empowerment; where the focus is on women’s capacity to analyze their own situations and determine their own life choices and societal directions, this approach is most useful where human development and rights based approach to development predominates or is desired.The WAD (Women and Development) approach mainly focuses on the fact...

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