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Life Development Essay

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One of the greatest joys of a woman’s life is becoming pregnant. Although it can be a roller coaster ride of emotions it is truly a miraculous experience that one will not forget or regret. It is one of the happiest moments of a woman’s life to welcome her new baby into this world.
A normal pregnancy lasts anywhere between thirty-eight and forty weeks; and is divided into three trimesters which range about three months each. Throughout the pregnancy many changes happen to the mother not only physically but emotionally. During these nine months it is like a roller coaster with its ups and downs, twists and turns.
There are many symptoms that moms begin to experience even days before they know that they are pregnant, these symptoms typically only last the first trimester but can go through the entire pregnancy. Symptoms range from a missed period, morning sickness, bloating, mood changes and changes in eating and ...view middle of the document...

Typically in the beginning of pregnancy the doctor will usually want to do a checkup about once a month to see how the pregnancy is progressing, once the delivery date gets closer the doctor will want to see mom more frequently, just to verify how things are going. Once entering the second trimester the risk of a miscarriage is gone.
Many moms find that the second trimester is the most exciting of all because the symptoms they were having in the beginning of the pregnancy should now be nonexistent. Mothers also say that pregnancy now seems to feel more real as they can start to feel the baby moving around and kicking. Another exciting milestone during this time is that doctors can begin to tell around fourteen weeks as to the sex of the baby, although it is best to wait until around twenty-two weeks as the babies sex organs will be fully developed by then. Waiting until this time is a good thing that way you can be sure as to what you are having. Although, sometimes it is hard to be able to tell later on due to the cramped space that the baby is in.
Finally reaching the last stretch of the end of pregnancy can be the greatest feeling of all. However, moms typically are more uncomfortable at this time due to the baby’s growth is now at its max and space is very limited in there! Mothers may feel more overwhelmed than any other time, due to trying to get everything ready for the baby’s upcoming arrival. These last three months seem to last forever since by now you are spending a lot more time using the bathroom because baby is producing its own urine along with your own.
Most women go into labor around thirty-eight weeks. The first onset signs of labor beginning are the loss of the mucus plus, which in some cases is not noticed or never happens in first pregnancies. Your water may break, but usually this happens at the hospital. Contractions will begin and will intensify through ach phase of labor so that the cervix can dilate. Many first time mothers are usually in labor for at least six to twenty-four hours before giving birth.

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