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Life During The Nineteen Eighties Essay

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CPT Grade 10 Academic History: 1980’s
The nineteen eighties were known for new music genres becoming popular, space travel, new technologies, and a galore of fun and interesting things. This is the life of an average human in the nineteen eighties but as you dig deeper into the eighties and look between the lines you will discover many things about the nineteen eighties, such as its economic, social and political state. In the nineteen eighties Canada benefited greatly and saw great prosperity socially and politically but economically there were many negatives as well as positives.
In the nineteen eighties Canada saw a multitude of positive and negative changes that taught Canadians many ...view middle of the document...

Thirdly in the early nineteen eighties there was an unfortunate recession in Canada that led to interest, unemployment, and inflation rates to be higher than the United States. The mineral and manufacturing companies in Canada had been especially hit hard, all mining operations in Yukon were closed costing 70’000 out of 115,000 people to lose their jobs (“Canada-Economy”). This is very significant and bad for the Canadian economy because ounce there is no workers, there is no money being spent and therefore no one is making any money creating a very poor economy.
Canadians had been impacted and benefited socially in the nineteen eighties brining our nation together. On December 23 1983 Canada’s first Female Governor General was elected giving Great pride and showing Canada’s equality for women. This was very important to Canadian women because it showed a big step forward in equality for women. This represents how much Canada has changed from where women used to be not even be able to work and now that Jeanne Sauvé is a part of the government it shows a massive leap for women equality uniting all women together socially. Secondly on August 31st 1984 and September 1st 1984 two major iconic TV shows had aired,” Much Music” and “TSN”. “Much Music” is very important because it had shown that Canada was becoming more independent therefore creating nationalism and socially benefitting everyone, people had something new to talk about especially with new genres of music being explored on this television show such as rap and Hip hop. Also on July 1, 1980, “O Canada” had become Canada’s national anthem, giving pride to Canadians, brining communities together, making us feel more united as a nation and showing that we are now an independent country. “TSN” just like “Much Music” positively impacted us socially because now sports fans were able to see all there Canadian sports teams rival against others giving many Canadians something to talk about, cheer for and just in general uniting all sports fans together. Lastly In the 1980’s an inspirational hero named Terry fox had captured Canadian eyes with a savage disease called “cancer”. Terry’s marathon to raise money for cancer research had brought many Canadians together, this event created a feeling of unity between Canadians where they all would donate money to help Terry and also cheer him on in the sidelines...

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