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The year was 1999; the place was Ester brook, a small camp near Laramie Peak. A young girl about 12 years old was attending an Episcopal Church camp. This young girls name was Madison Shoop, and she was accompanied by two friends from her home town. These friends' names were Anndee Huber and Alex Jording. The camp was for the first week in August. For the whole the week everyone big and small was having a great time. They went for nature walks, sang songs, did arts and crafts and learned about God. Throughout the week all of the kids could not stop talking about how excited they were for the hike up Laramie Peak and the dance on Friday night. Thursday morning came, and it started off on the right foot. Everyone that wanted to had successfully made it to the top of Laramie Peak. But things changed dramatically as it began to storm. Madison had noticed that the clouds had been moving in, but no one wanted to go back early, because they were having too much fun. Anyway, the councilors warned to get off of the mountain as fast as you can, because the lightning was close. So Madison and her friends began to sprint down the rugged path. After slipping and sliding down to the bottom they found a suburban that was owned by a group leader. As they rushed to the vehicle they found that their shelter from the rain was also shared by another 14 soaken wet campers. After reflecting on their adventure for two hours, the remainder of the group and the councilors arrived with the rest of the vehicles, and they headed back to Ester brook. All the way home all 17 of the campers were complaining of being itchy. Upon arrival the main group leader looked through the hair of a young girl. It was lice! After examining head after head of people, they found that all but four people in the entire camp had escaped the lice. They sacked up and sanitized all of the clothing and bedding. They then continued to remove lice from everyone's hair. They did this with special solutions that came terrifyingly with a case of blindness, if it ran into your eyes. Madison felt stripped of everything her pride and all of her possessions but the clothes on her back and small wooden name tag. All activities for the next day were canceled, in order to clean up the lice and get ready for the long awaited dance. That night we got...

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A devistating blow. This is an essay that is written as a biographical slice of my life and the experience i had when i broke three ribs during a taekwondo match.

1413 words - 6 pages Tired and sweaty, I reached for my forearm pads to prepare myself for the sparring session of training camp. As I put on the final part of gear, the soft helmet, I stood up to join the others aligned under the Korean flag. This day however was not a normal day at training camp. This would be the day in which we have our final sparring session before the Jr. Olympics held in Minnesota. Even though it was not the last day of camp, Sabunim, our

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830 words - 3 pages day.One type of social reality that people inhabit is their gender. As a woman, I feel disconnected from men. Women tend to be more openly emotional about most things in life, whereas men try to avoid talking about their emotions. In bell hook's essay Feminism is for Everybody, she argues that the problem does not come from men themselves but rather "patriarchy" and "male domination" (141). In our patriarchal society, men feel that they need to

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1398 words - 6 pages grabs him."Where have you been?" Steve said "We have been looking for you for two days now!"Chuck knows he will sounds crazy if he shares his story. He couldn't think of anything smart to say.Chuck said, "I have taken a new kind of adventure and i am ready to go home."Lastly, Chuck will hold this experience for the rest of his life. He feels content on taking the best adventure he possibly could take on a hike at his beloved park. He goes home to

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1362 words - 5 pages will affect my ability to influence people, to implement change within an organization, and above all to develop a clear leadership philosophy. Though some people will criticize me for writing this essay before the end of the course, and I’ll probably reflect even more on this period in Fort Leavenworth within two or three years, this experience already impacted intensely my life. After seven months, I observed sufficiently to summarize some

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749 words - 3 pages Literature exam alone, I had my very best friend, Trang, who was one of the best writers in my class, to study with. She helped me in reviewing the materials and showed me all her best tips in writing a good essay. Having Trang, who was a Literature expert in my opinion, tutor me made me confidently believe that I had prepared my best for the exam. For the Math exam, I had never doubted that I would get a high score because I was always excellent in

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1878 words - 8 pages disappointment and bad luck. It does not appear that the boy will be able to impress his crush with his wonderful gift that he had planned to purchase.Again this experience shows us that we have all had some type of disappointment in our lives. Unable to please that person and look like the hero we want them to see us as. Most of us in life have wanted to make someone like us because of what we can offer him or her, what we have or how we look. This is a


605 words - 2 pages ExperienceI have always been taught that life has consequences, and if I did not think before my actions the outcome would be unpredictable. When I was younger, listening to what my parents had to say was a struggle for me; I wanted to do what I wanted to do and be a typical rambunctious boy. Oscar Wilde once stated, "Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." When I was five years old, I was jumping around like a hooligan on a


605 words - 2 pages ExperienceI have always been taught that life has consequences, and if I did not think before my actions the outcome would be unpredictable. When I was younger, listening to what my parents had to say was a struggle for me; I wanted to do what I wanted to do and be a typical rambunctious boy. Oscar Wilde once stated, "Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." When I was five years old, I was jumping around like a hooligan on a

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1849 words - 7 pages attention and stop the "monkey mind" and the "critical consciousness" from interfering with the ultimate experience of the One (Ellwood, 1999).The commonality of the experience of unity with an ultimate reality has been discussed, but there are many other facets of mystical experience that surpass cultural and religious boundaries. According to W. T. Stace in his essay Mysticism and Human Reason, mysticism is a universal phenomena of the

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1197 words - 5 pages personal liberty. Bacon writes in his essay Of Marriage and the Single Life, “the most ordinary cause of a single life, is liberty” (1750). Mary Wroth seems to echo Bacon’s thoughts as she laments in one of her poems, “But O my hurt makes my lost heart confesse:/ I love, and must; so farewell liberty.” Once again, accepting love is depicted as accepting a kind of servitude while denying love is seen as accepting freedom. Religion is treated in the same

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1449 words - 6 pages , petroglyphs and the like were found from different parts of the world. These represented the perception of the people in the ancient times about their way of life and so despite its uniqueness in form, the similarities in these perceptions became the binding thread that connected every culture to the other thereby making art a shared experience. The concept of art is hard to define; not because it is vague or abstract, but because it has had

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