Life After The Death Of Our Sun

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Even since humans tear through the fabric of the blue sky they have longed to explore the unknown elements of space, in the words of Jean Luc Picard (a fictional character from Gene rodnberry' works Star Trek: The Next Generation) our goal has become seeking "out new life forms, new civilization," and "to boldly go where no one has gone before." Indeed, one of the ultimate-if not awe-inspiring-quests in relation to space exploration has been to discover and colonize space. Yet another, even more compelling, reason for delving out into the darkness of space has been our star, the sun. Glowing for about 4.4 billion years, it not only provided energy for the plants and animals to grow but it also kept the earth from becoming a cold, lifeless chunk of rock. Slowly yet eventually, as all the countless stars in our galaxy, our sun is closing a chapter of its history. It is evolving and drawing closer to the end of its life, and the giving us all the more reasons to venture into space exploration and the possibilities life outside the realm of earth.What will happen after half a billion years from now? The same warmth of the sun that once fostered our birth will be threatening our very existence. Sun will be running out of its Hydrogen fuel, and starting to burn its Helium ash (a byproduct of Hydrogen burning). The rate of energy generation during this phase of stellar evolution will be much greater than the radiation during hydrogen core burning. As a result, the sun will be getting brighter and warmer. This extra heat of the sun will make life on earth increasingly difficult. Since the radiation would be too strong and the ozone too thin, most of the damaging UV rays from the sun will be leaking through the many large holes in the ozone and destroying much of the planet's flora and fauna. It will not be a short-lived green house effect, but a phase in the short life of our planet.The earth, along with the sun, will be entering its final days. Astronomers will be looking for alternative planets capable of supporting life. Life on other planets, once considered the fancy of an overactive imagination would have captured the attention of the notable scientists and researchers of the time. Many scientists will be searching the celestial neighborhood, looking for a new abode to call home. Though our nearest and closest neighbor Mars looks very promising, it lacks many of the basic factors essential for supporting life. Its sub-zero temperature, violent air currents, dry and harsh atmosphere is far from supporting any form of life. Living on Mars could only be possible under massive transformation of its atmosphere. Making it anything like home will require a lot of human intervention. According to the American Astronomer, Hugh Ross some of the essential factors for life must be kept in exact equilibrium, a slightest imbalance of these factors could tip over the delicate balance of a life-supporting ecosystem. These essential factors; surface gravity,...

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