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The Korean war was a hard fought battle and was hard on the soldiers who fought it.
The everyday life during the Korean war for a soldier was a hard one full of stress and
tragedy. They fought hard in every battle of the Korean war but the least covered and
hardest fought was the battle of "The Punchbowl". The Untied States purpose for entering
the Korean war was to stop the spread of communism. The trials of everyday life of a
soldier in the fight to stop communism was a hard fought one.

The conditions of everyday life for the soldiers in the Korean war was hard fought
and full of tragedy. When the United States soldiers arrived they were split into their companies
and then their smaller squads. The soldiers were then given directions to their front and
due to there being no transportation they set out walking to their destinations. On their
way to their units they ate C-rations and rested every once in a while on the long journey.
Once in battle everyday is an on the guard kind of day some are sent into enemy held areas to scout,
for others the battle found their unit and they are thrown into a fire fight bullets raining down around
them. For some soldiers arrival found that their units were already in a fire fight as they arrived and it
was straight into battle they went as they arrived. During the battles in Korea it was the hottest and
driest summer on record and soldiers were forced to drink water from rice paddies fertilized with
human waste so everyday was also a game of roulette for intestinal parasites. One of the hardest
fought but least covered battles of the Korean war was a battle called "The Punchbowl".

"The Punchbowl" was the hardest Marine fought battle in the Korean war. The battle
was for Yoke and Kanmubong ridges and revived very little coverage from historians it was
all but forgotten. The fact that "The Punchbowl" is a nearly forgotten battle is nonsensical
to me...

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