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Life From A Coins Perspective Essay

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A Coin's Adventurous Lifetime From the day I was minted I knew I was going to be something special in this world. I was created on January 23, 1982, which I consider my birthday. I may look just like every other quarter you have ever seen but I assure you I am much different. The machine that pressed me gave me a sense of confidence in myself. I proudly show the profile of President Washington on one side and on the other a stately eagle clutching olive branches. My shiny coat reflects light and gives me a brand new quality. I never imagined I would end up back here at the Treasury to be taken out of circulation. My life has been a long and interesting one. After being made I was shipped to a suburban bank in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Here I remained for a while mixed with many of my brothers, who also longed to be released into the world and have experiences. The day finally came when a man cashed his paycheck and got me in return. The first few moments when I was in circulation were exhilarating. The feeling of moving around in a pocket with other coins and bills, as well as mints and blistex, made me feel glad to be alive. After traveling with him for a while, I was used to buy a newspaper and felt some sense of sadness as I was separated from this father-like man who exposed me to the world for the first time. The chute that he put me down was much like being on some kind of bizarre roller coaster, but the end is very violent because I ended up crashing into all of my brothers with no warning. However, sitting in the dark with all of those other coins gave me a chance to hear some interesting stories from some of the older coins. They spoke of trips overseas and of exciting adventures they shared with their past masters. After hours of sitting in darkness we were finally retrieved by a newspaper man and taken to another bank to be cashed in for dollar bills, which incidentally I don't understand why people prefer, coins are obviously better. We are a lot more convenient because we come in smaller denominations. But anyway, at the bank I once again had to wait for someone to cash a check so I could get out of its prison like atmosphere with all those metal bars, locks and guns. I was finally pardoned again and this time I vowed to make the most of my freedom. This time I was traveling with a woman and she took me to New York with her when she went to visit relatives. I was so excited to finally be on the road and experiencing life and making memories. While in New York I had one of the most thrilling experiences in my life. While my master and her boyfriend were walking through Central Park, they were walking past a large wishing fountain. That's when it happened; I became their wish. As they tossed me, all I could think of was how I hoped...

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