Life Has Meaning By Showing God’s Love Through Service To Others Needs.

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Life has meaning by showing God’s love through service to others needs.
When attempting to answer the question of the meaning of life each person will give a different answer, one that would reflect their age, religious beliefs, personal history and current circumstances. For many the meaning of life can be best described as meeting a person’s basic needs for survival, as observed by Simone Weil. She classified the needs of the body as food, shelter, clothing, and physical security, whereas, the needs of the soul were meaning and value, rooted in freedom of choice (Ambrosio, 2008). On a smaller scale, parents making daily sacrifices in order to care for their families can be equated to the same philosophy and is the view that currently resonates with this writer.
In module one Dr. Ambrosio introduced and developed the images of the hero and the saint. He described heroes as unselfishly living in the pursuit of self-fulfillment and saints as living for others, accepting love from God and man while showing love in return. Heroes overcame their fate and were best represented in Homeric epics of Greek tragedies as the citizen hero. In representing both the hero and the saint one can come closest to deciphering the meaning of life as stated in the thesis. In this writer’s opinion, humans will fall into what the professor called “mutated versions” of a hero or saint (Ambrosio, 2008). For example, many saints in the bible were murderers and thieves who were repentant, converted and forgiven. Through this they became heroes of the Bible and devoted their lives to the love of God. The ways of both were marked with self sacrifice which agrees with this writer’s understanding of the meaning of life.
In module two the central figures studied were Marcus Aurelius and Plato’s Socrates. With the emergence of the tragic hero came the citizen hero, represented by Socrates and the stoic hero represented by Marcus Aurelius. The attributes of citizenship were described as; universality, justice, leading to an end of self, transcendence, birth of hope, finding meaning in the face of death, daemon- the idea of a conscious or guiding voice, justice to humanity, bravery and integrity. Socrates was the ultimate citizen hero because while he was unjustly accused he showed courage in the face of death by standing by his convictions. Marcus Aurelius was a soldier and an emperor whose stoic ideas often involved rationality, clear-mindedness and avoiding indulgence in sensory affections (Ambrosio, 2008). In commenting on both, while certainly possessing admirable qualities this writer disagrees that they are wholly an answer for a meaningful life because they address the aspects of the body while leaving out the attributes of the soul.
In module three two of the saintly figures studied were Paul and Abraham. Paul’s conversion harmoniously integrated the paths of hero and saint which effectively take into account the body and soul when addressing the meaning of...

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