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Life In 19960's Essay

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I am always interested to know about the past life in the UAE. My father was born in Al Ain and he visited a lot of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jorden and America. Few days back I had a sitting with him and asked a few questions about the history of UAE. The detail of that small interview is briefly explained.
As far as the food is concerned, it was way simpler as compared to today. Although, there were not many hotels and restaurants at that time, people used to cook and eat in their home. There were no fast foods at that time like today; people can go to KFC, McDonalds and others. Qahwa was a famous drink at that time. Biriyani was a popular food in Emirates for Pakistanis and Indians. My father added, when he was a child, the food was very simple and most of the time, his mother provide him the food. He also used to take food with him which in small bag but it wasn’t lunch bag his small bag was included apple, chocolate, banana and milk most of the time. His school was providing the students with free food such as chocolate milk, egg and cheese sandwiches but he didn’t like the school food. His other friends also used to bring their food with them. My father said he used to go with his parents for dinner once in a month. They used to go to any Pakistani or Indian restaurant and try different dishes like Biriyani, Karahi gosht, Kheer, Halwa and other sweet dishes.
Al Ain Markets were the main source of buying food material. These markets specifically catered vegetables and fruits and also general goods. Fish was the main item of food as there were many people who were doing business at the port. On every Friday, there were a lot stalls in these markets where people used to buy the food items. Food items were sold at very cheap price and mostly people shop these items for a whole week.
Asking about the physical activities at that time, my father replied that there were a few sports at that time. ‘’We used to play basketball at our college. There were courts to...

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