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Life In 2050 This Is About What Life Would Be Like In The Year 2050.

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Life in the future is set to be very exciting. Your next mobile phone is keeping an eye on the house when you are on holiday, you are surfing the net and downloading videos while your kids are lying on the beach or sitting on the train reading theirE-book. Later, you are in a restaurant, and after checking your pockets you find out that you have forgotten your wallet. No worries, just pick up that WAP phone and go to your bank's website, insert a few details and transfer some money on to your smartcard. This very same card contains your passport, driving license, benefit book, credit cards, supermarket loyalty card, travel pass, soccer club season ticket, digital TV license, house and car keys, medical records, iris and fingerprint information.The benefit of these cards is that they will work using eye-identification, which is already a reality, meaning that if thieves steal your card, they will have to come back for your eyeball also.That was a sample of the exciting future that awaits us, and it is all possible thanks to the Internet, which became a reality in the early 90's. It all started in the States during the 70's when University professors experimented with a communications system that would be indestructible, because it wasn't physical material, so if one part was destroyed, the network would keep on working.The Internet grew very slowly with only a few extra hosts every year until the early 90's, when there was huge interest and consequently a growth explosion. Computers had to change to support the new system, and home modems were introduced, which made modems more compact, unlike the earlier modems which resembled shoe boxes in size, not mention the first ones which were the same size as filing cabinets. The problem now seems to be that computers are advancing much too quickly. It has never been so true that technology doesn't wait for you, but you must keep up with it; nowadays you can be sure that the £1,500 top of the range computer that you bought 6 months ago is out of date and needs upgrading. The PC and the Internet have evolved as a team to the extent that 70% of the population of the U.S.A. has access to the Internet, and it is estimated that 35% of the world's population have access to the Internet.Every Internet users become more dependent on the Internet for their everyday needs, banking, buying and selling items, and as an information resource. Using the internet has never been so enjoyable, the possibility of faster connection speeds and free access with companies that provide you with e-mail addresses and space for your very own web-page.The Internet has revolutionised the way we communicate, work and play, and it isn't very hard to see that the way things are going, computers and specially the Internet will be an integral part of our lives in the future.The Internet has a great potential in every field, whether it's research or business, but it will become very important in education. So where is all this...

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