Life In A Land Of Poverty And Overpopulation

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There is a place on Earth where beggars rule the streets, where cows and people live in a world harmoniously with each other. Where Political corruption has been prominent for over 100 years and a 4-year-old boy can pick pocket you so fast that you wont see or hear him coming. This is the glamour and charm of India. This is a country that never sleeps- where honking buses and cars decorated with Christmas tinsel and flashy lights flow chaotically through city streets. It is a place where you should expect to be shocked the minute you step out of the safety of the airport doors. Little did I know what I was getting myself into this time last year- setting myself out on a voyage to one of the holiest country's on Earth and one of the most devastatingly poverty stricken to say the least.The following are journal entries from my trip to India in December of 2004. I wanted to share these with you today in order to give you a glimpse into a world in which a spent a month living in. It is a place that stole my heart, taught me numerous life lessons, and opened my eyes to how 90 percent of the human race lives their every day lives.December 4th (On a smelly train leaving Delhi)I do not know how to even explain what I have been through today. I feel like I have already lived 1000 lives. I have been a victim of Delhi's charm and horror in only 24 hours. I was going to complete yesterday's journal but I got sick on the airplane- a mix of sitting down for 15 hours straight and eating a heavy amount of curry airplane food. We arrived in Delhi airport; basically it's a smelly, crowded and ultimately a rude awakening to India. I walked outside and I was immediately swarmed by these men who were eagerly grabbing at my luggage- naturally I asked him, "Who are you?" and he kept on repeating "No problem Madame" like I was supposed to be honored he was running away with my bag. So this random Hindu bum was running in front of me 100 miles and hour with my bag. I eventually screamed at him to put it in a taxi or I would kill him- so he did.Five other Canadians my age piled into the same taxi and headed into downtown Delhi on our own- no Stephen, no teacher, only an address and crossed fingers. I thank God I'm still alive today. Driving through that city is a world in itself. Nobody uses lanes, millions of people are moving in the same direction all at once. Everyone has their hand constantly on the horn. Cows, monkeys, horses, donkeys, babies are all randomly on the highway and walking in-between the cars. We arrive at our hotel and my jaw is wide open with amazement of what I have seen already. I check into my room with this girl Karen and get 3 hours of sleep. We wake up and our day begins. Delhi has this distinct smell that is neither good nor bad- just weirdly pungent and is everywhere. The food here does not work well with me- I can't believe I have to have to survive off it for 26 more days. All the people on the trip seem really nice though. Anyways- I am...

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