Life In Colonies In The Americas 7th Grade Reserach Paper

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Life in the 13 Colonies
Review and Assessment – p. 128
1. All colonies in British North America had legislatures, which were groups of people who have the power to make laws.
2. The English Bill of Rights guaranteed habeas corpus, which is a procedure by which judges protect people against unlawful arrest or detention.
3. On colonial farms, it was important to have an extended family because then many members of the family could help perform the necessary work.
4. Many people came to the colonies from Europe as indentured servants, which were people who agreed to work for a certain period of time for a person who had paid their passage to North America.
5. After a time, slave owners enforced slave codes that restricted the rights and activities of slaves.
6a. What rights did the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights guarantee?
Trial by Jury and Habeas Corpus
6b. Why do you think colonists believed they were entitled to the rights guaranteed by the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights?
Most were either born in England or the children of English parents, and they were subject to English Laws.
6c. Which of these rights do Americans still enjoy today?
Americans today have all of these rights.
7a. What was life like on a colonial farm?
Possible Answers may include: descriptions of the enormous amount of difficult work, the modest amenities, and the closeness of families.
7b. How were the responsibilities of men and women similar? How were they different?...

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